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Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn
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My favourite flavour
I love dill flavoured popcorn, I first tried it at the movie theatre years ago and the flavour shakers for at home just don’t seem to cut it. I have tried store brand versions but the popcorn always tastes just slightly stale, with orvilles the popcorn is always fresh with a good amount of dill flavour.
Very yummy popcorn but not as dill pickely as I expected.
I like this popcorn, the dill pickel flavor is what I have been craving , better than adding those little flavor packs to plain popcorn. Nice and light and not too much salt.
love the taste of dill pickle and these taste sooo good, its an awesome treat to bring out for the family on movie night
Great popcorn! Strong flavour! bag is almost full and not full of air! Great movie popcorn without the popper! :)
This is a very good dill pickle product. Lots of flavor and a healthier alternative snack.
Nice to have when watching a movie. Was nice to try something new. This snack fulflled my craving for a snack. I always buy GMO free popcorn kernals, then pop them in a bowl in microwave, add real butter plus some dill pickle seasonings. It was a nice snack, tasted almost like rice cakes with dill pickle seasoning. Was a little too spicy for me, but loved to try it. Crunchy.Thank you for nice sample. Would like to try to your other samples as well.
I found this brand way to salty and chemical tasting comapred to my reg brand. Will not buy again.
o my gosh the dill in this made my eyes water which I loved but I did find the popcorn, in general, to be rather shelly, ie lots of kernel shells, and the flavour was not consistent on the popcorn itself.
I like the texture of this popcorn but not the flavour. For some reason I find that it does not satisfy that pop corn craving. Not a product I want to buy again.
Delish! I love this popcorn. I am a dill fanatic and this stuff hits the spot when you have a craving. Love love and LOVE!
This popcorn is super dilly. When I opened the bag the explosive dill flavor just poured in my nose. I could tell right away I was going to enjoy these. Perfect snack without the mess of popping and seasoning your own popcorn.
sister in law love the salty and sweet - i prefer the salt popcorn
I love dill pickle popcorn but this I did not like. I found it lacked dill flavor.
I only ever buy Orville Redenbacher popcorn products and have never been disappointed. Tried all flavours. Really like the dill pickle flavour.

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