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Otrivin® Complete™ Nasal Care
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Worked great!
I have never been a fan of inhaling any products and steered away from them...until I couldn't breathe and needed a remedy. This product did the trick. I swear by it now.
Works great on a stuffy nose. It has no harsh chemicals which I prefer
I bought this for my grandson and it really helps him and last for awhile so he can sleep at night due to allergies and stuffy nose.
My family use nasal sprays and have used this befor , good!
Fonctionne très bine, hydrate parfaitement
My oldest and hubby have nasal problems so we figured we`d try this and it worked great!
I have tried this new Otrivin solution and have not found that it works for me as well as the original solution does. It does not keep my nasal passages clear for as long as the original. I would still tell people to try it as it may work differently for them. Two people are not always the same.
I absolutely love Otrivin. I occasionally get a stuffy nose and this takes it away in an instant! Like any decongestant though you shouldn`t use it for more than 3 days straight. Otherwise you could get rebound congestion
Il m`a énormément aidé concernant des allergies et surtout pour toute les sinusites que maintenant je sais éviter avec ce produit...
À la maison nous utilisons qu`otrivin complet, avec lui pas besoin dans mettre 20x pour pouvoir enfin respirer et ce plus que quelques minutes.
I use it before I go to bed as it works really good one of the best
Mon pharmacien m`a recommandé ce produit et il a fait miracle sur mon début de sinusite.
I suffer from year-round allergies and my sinuses are very sensitive to even just a bit of dust, so I am well aware of the different types of nasal sprays and their effectiveness. I used the original Otrivin spray and it worked very well so I tried this soon after I saw it advertised. BEST NASAL SPRAY AROUND. Trust me! haha
Excellent décongestionnant, et l`hydratation qu`il procure soulage grandement, très bon produit. Effet rapide et efficace.
This is a great product. I live in a log home and in the winter with wood heat it gets extremely dry and Otrivin is the only relief I get. I now have everyone in my house using it.

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