4 5 0 41 41 Powerful stain-fighting laundry detergent in a convenient, mess-free pak. Packed with effective cleaning and stain-fighting power Paks contain the same OxiClean™ colour-safe stain-fighters and dissolve quickly in any water temperature — getting to work fast on those tough, dried-on stains.
Oxi Clean™ Laundry Detergent Paks
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This is one of the best laundry products out there. It is a regular purchase for us. It works like nothing else has!
A great price for the total of loads I'm able to get! I can easily can get more loads done since I don't need a full cup each time! It works! It removes the stains! It makes my clothes smell clean! And it doesn't make the colors fade!
I really love this product. I like the liquid better than the tabs. The detergent does the same job as the liquid but this product can be more than the liquid sometimes. Still worth the buy though!
I have this product in my laundry room. works great, no mess pods. works well on whites in hot water . i would recommend this product.
This product is certainly easy to use, you just drop it in. However I didn't notice any better cleaning power even on stains.
I bought these a few times when they were on sale, and I have to say, I found that sometimes I'd have to use more than one pod to get my clothes as clean as the other brands. I probably won't be buying them again in the future unfortunately.
I bought this product a few weeks back and tried it last week. The results couldn't be worse, me and my husband both got bumps on our body after using it on our clothes. Also, I didn't see much difference on my clothes. Not buying it again.
This is great instead of scooping powder up you just grab a sac and throw it in the load. Don't need to measure always the same amount every time. Absolutely love them.
I have tried this in the whites loads and it does make a bit of a difference.
The laundry comes out super white and even dried stains are removed. I also use this to clean my kitchen sink...
Love this packs! Best stain remove able results with warm to hot water. But works with cold.i purchase these on a regular basis.
This is one of the best laundry detergents Just toss into the washer and that's it. No need to measure and you get the correct amount each time
These are great! I can toss them into my front-loader and know my clothes are coming out clean.
Loved this! Oxi clean one of my favorite products and this makes it sooo much easier!
My husband and I love these !! We have been a fan of Oxi Clean for a long time and were thrilled when the laundry tabs came out. My husbands clothes get very stained from work and these tabs do a great job getting them clean.

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