4.8 5 0 33 33 The OxiClean® MaxForce® gel formula contains a unique combination of stain fighters that break down more of the toughest stains including grass and blood, soil and clay, food stains, grease and oil.
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I bought this to remove a stain from my white blouse, it was easy and effective!
This product is incredible! Its so easy to use & so quick to use too! Just set it upside down on the stain & push down to "pump" out the stain removing liquid then just use it to rub the liquid into the stain. You can leave on for up to a week too which is amazing when you have just finished laundry day & a big stain happens the next day! I totally recommend!
I use this product to clean my son's white baseball pants. easy dispensing, and targeted to where your stain is.
This product is a life saver for any of those hard to get out, ugly unsightly stains, even washed ones! Helps me keep my whites white and gets very bad stains out of my boyfriends work clothes too!!
really great for gettign out those tough stains. i used it often on my babies clothes, purees are hard to get out!
This product does a decent job on easy stains (coffee, tea, ect) but as far as harder to remove stains like grass, juice, blood ect... I cannot say it is any better or worse than any other products on the market, you still have to work to get the harder stains out.
This looks like an effective product. I would love the opportunity to try it.
I would like to trie this product...Please send me a sample
We could always use a product to fight those deep stains the kids come in with
I am always on the look out for an easy to use stain remover... would welcome trying this product.
I have never tried Oxi clean, but have been thinking of buying some a sample would be great!
Would love to give this one a try. I have heard great things about some of these sticks and with outdoorsy teen boys we have some very "interesting" stains
Finally, maybe something to get my stains out. Always forget by the time laundry day comes along.
Would LOVE to try this on our hard FARM stains. Living and working on a farm is very hard on our cloths.
This stuff is amazing! My hubby wears a uniform to work everyday, which includes a light coloured, collared shirt. The gel does a fantastic job of breaking up the dirt and grease around the collar and it sticks instead of running off the clothing. My laundry room will never be without it again!

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