4.5 5 0 11 11 The OxiClean® MaxForce® gel formula contains a unique combination of stain fighters that break down more of the toughest stains including grass and blood, soil and clay, food stains, grease and oil.
Oxi Clean Max Force Gel Stick Pre-Treater
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Need to try this sometime. Read good reviews.
I haven`t tried the Gel Stick but I love Oxi products.
I haven`t tried this product yet but know I will do the job as the other oxy products do
I have not tried this product but my mom swears by it! On the grocery list for sure!
will have to add to my shopping list, I use Oxi clean all the time
Didn`t realize that oxy clean comes in a stick this is awesome would love to try it.
Never tried this product!! Would like to see if it works good on tuff stain!
I have not tried this "yet" but I am am a huge Oxi fan , as soon as I see this in the store it will be in my house, no question about it.
Haven`t seen this before. There r so many of these out there.
love to try this one too...always need cleaning supplies at home.
I need this! With a messy toddler running around attracting stains all the time I could really ue this product. I have used oxi clean products in the past and have always got good results.
haven`t tried this product yet. Am still searching for something to take the axle grease out of my husband`s work clothes effectively, so i will be looking for this to give it a try.
Have used other oxi products, but have yet to try this one, must look for it when I run out of what I am using now
I`ve heard only positive opinions on this and other Oxi-Clean products, I would love to try this and any other Oxi-Clean products
I have not tried this oxyaction gel stick, but I have tried other oxy products and they work well. Anything that gets stains out is a plus in my book.

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