4.8 5 0 34 34 The OxiClean® MaxForce® gel formula contains a unique combination of stain fighters that break down more of the toughest stains including grass and blood, soil and clay, food stains, grease and oil.
Oxi Clean Max Force gel stick
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It sounds good... It will be easier for me to clean stains from my kid`s clothes.I would like to try it...
This stuff is amazing! My hubby wears a uniform to work everyday, which includes a light coloured, collared shirt. The gel does a fantastic job of breaking up the dirt and grease around the collar and it sticks instead of running off the clothing. My laundry room will never be without it again!
Am very critical as I have yet to find a stain remover that does what it claims. I am always amazed at how many people say they do as lemon and sunshine does more for me!
this is the best product for kids clothes especially for grass stains. the gel scent is great.
great,works good as well for the clothes,love efficacity and act fast
As with other stain removers, this works better if the stain is recent. But I did try with a few old stains (like a week or so) and it did work too, only it took 3-4 washes with it to completely remove the stain.
I would love to try this, I love oxy clean and have a hard time getting it around here
I have yet to find a stain that it does not remove. The nubs are great for rubbing in and it really does work a week after treatment. Love it!
I am a huge oxy clean fan but I found this did not live up to the standards that I am used to with oxy clean. It tended to leave a small yellow residue stain when applied.
Our Great Grandson plays baseball with white pants?Any way we tryed Oxy Clean .We could not beleive how it took out the stains.Good work OXI
Worked on some tough stains
oxi clean is one of the best products going and this is great i have it
I`m not sure if I haven`t pretreated appropriately or if the stains im tryng to remove are to difficult but it doesn`t seem to work the best for my husband`s dirty work clothes.
Best stain fighter out there...andI`ve tried a few. It`s about the only thing that gets grass stains out of jeans.
This works great. And it works. I pretreat the item and then leave it for laundry day and the stains come out.

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