4.9 5 0 15 15 OxiClean Concentrated Crystals Dishwasher Detergent tackles the toughest baked-on and greasy messes!
OxiClean™ Extreme Power Crystals Dishwasher Detergent Packs, Lemon Clean
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does what its supposed to do but better
First time i used it i got red wine and roast beef juice all over my white sweater, I thought it was ruined for good. My friend gave me some to use, made a paste on my sweater, enjoyed dinner and washed my sweater, it came out of the wash looking better than it did even before i spilled on it! Smells fresh too!
You need this!
I was skeptical about how good this product would work. To my surprise it did a fantastic job of getting all the grass stains off of my boys jeans, and getting other various stains off their shirts.
Love this
I have used Oxi-Clean dishwashing products for over 30 years. I like how clean my dishes are when they come out of the dishwasher. It is very rare that I need to rewash a pot or pan. When I have had the opportunity to get a free sample of the competition, I will use it. I ALWAYS come back to my original product.
Spotless dishes
Spotless dishes. Very rarely do I have to wash my dishes after I wash the dishes .
My favourite
I find this product fantastic - I always get super clean results with no residue using OxiClean.
J'opte pour cette marque maintenant
La vaiselle ressort impeccable et sans tache. Je vais toujours acheter cette marque maintenant
Great product
Great stain remover, took out all the stains from my best t-shirt.
this is a great thing to add to your load of laundry
Well worth the money saved my office clothes. Had ink from a broken computer cartridge all over my good skirt. Poof gone. Amazy
Sparkling Clean
OxiClean products always gets the job done right the first time, and their dishwasher detergent is no exception. No need for prewash!
Great Stuff.
Since I saw this on TV (as seen on TV )I have used this product. From time to time I will try something new however I ALWAYS come back to Oxy Clean. Try it !
Best Cleaning Product
Oxi Clean really takes out stains that other products don't. I have tried many other stain removers but nothing worked. The only thing I would change is when I soak clothing it takes longer that I would like.
Highly recommended
Based on the reviews alone , I have recently purchased these and worth the money ! Such a happy use for my entire family and son.Such A well wounded product ,something I would definitely recommend this to everyone !
It really works takes out the stain n the color doesn't not fade
Love it
This is the only thing that takes stains out every time.

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