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OxiClean® Laundry Detergent
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This detergent has been one of the few that I have not had a skin reaction to
Inexpensive detergent
Very nice scent. Gets the laundry clean. It is usually not as expensive as other detergents or it goes on sale a lot. I really liked it and I would get it again
Works well
It works really well to remove stains. For stuck on one, just dab some on the stain and leave it on for 2 to 5 mins before putting it in the wash. Might take one or two washes, but usually works great. And awesome in keeping my colors bright.
My stepson fall in love with this detergent. I bought it to try, and he loves the scent.
Brightens my whites and does not fade my colors. I have also used this in my carpet shampooer and it has brightened my carpets and lifted stains like nothing else I have found
I absolutely love this laundry detergent. It is my absolute favourite brand. It cleans my clothes and doesn't cause fading or anything else. I love that it has the Oxi Clean in it. The scent is nice and light and refreshing. It is great and it is gentle. Worth the buy all the way!
i love this oxiclean it works wonders on my childrens stained clothing. it leaves a fresh scent.... oh so amazing. i love it! highly recommended to everyone :-)
Product works great and smells nice!! This is my go to for stain removal
I'm not fond of the strong smell, but I've never seen anything get the stains out the way this does. So for that reason, I'm a fan. I don't use it for my regular laundry, but keep it as a spot remover.
My husband works with grease and tools all day everyday. His jeans and shirts are covered with the grease from his hands etc. First I spray on shout and brush it out, then I wash the dirty clothes in tide and oxiclean, and it does a great job fighting the stains. My Mom has been using oxiclean since they first made it for washing.(70's or 80's)Joseppi
I use this product all the time, I love it. It is also cost effective.
It cleaned a stain I gave up on getting out long ago. Now I don't have to wear a shirt over it
I have used this and it seems to work much better on my boyfriend's very dirty work jeans. It may take a few washes to get the extremely tough dirt out I think..
Not much different than most detergents so a fair deal and a better price than the higher end products
This is an excellent laundry detergent. I usually use Tide on our lights because I find it superior to cheaper detergents at getting out stains but this worked just as well. The scent is great too. Very fresh.

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