3.9 5 0 86 86 <p>Want an easy way to fight acne? Try OXY® Emergency Treatment Wipes.<br> <strong></strong><br> Here’s how OXY® Emergency Treatment Wipes can help you fight acne easily and effectively:</p>
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quick and simple!
I purchased these for my backpacking trip abroad as they are easy to pack compared to most face pad products that come in huge bulky and plastic containers! They are also perfect for people who are camping or without running water. It was my main reason for using this product, so while I did not use it as an emergency and more for a cleanser, it did help to clear out my pores and fight my acne! Pretty awesome considering I was slept in pretty dirty and dusty camping sites
This is very effective and it is convenient. I would buy it again.
I absolutely love these wipes! If you have any blemish at all these will take them away almost instantly! You never have to worry about unwanted blemishes popping up with these on hand! I will never go without these again!
I bought these for my teenage son and he finds them easy on his sensitive skin. Unlike other wipes for acne, they do not dry out his face or cause redness.
Works great! I always get stubborn pimples, I used these twice in a day and the redness and swelling went down by almost 80%!
They works but you have to continue using them it's not an emergency product at all
They do work, just as they say. Sadly toothpaste does the same thing without the burning and dry skin the next day, plus it's much cheaper.
I keep them in my bag, you never know who you're g to run in to!
I bought this product for my 17yr old son, it works great for him, I tried it on my face, and it dried my skin out, I guess it's not meant for every skin type. I'll keep purchasing it for my son, but won't be using it myself
Great for keeping the acne away. When you have oily skin you need a great product like oxy.
this is a great product and works real fast, when I feel a pimple starting I use these wipes and over nite I notice that they are not popping up as usually, its seems to stop them before they get fully developed
I have tried these and I have them in my purse and in my desk at work Thry are great.
great for occasional breakouts which always happen at the wrong time. does not leave skin dry and tight
I have tried these. They are easy to use. I still find my face breaks out just the same. They also leave my skin feeling oily.
I love this product they do work as spot treatments only and it didn't dry out my skin at all. I will buy these again

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