4.4 5 0 32 32 Deep Cleans & Brightens, with the power of pure cleansing oils, cocoa butter and vitamin C. 190 mL.
Palmer's® Cocoa Butter Formula® Skin Therapy Cleansing Face Oil
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Wonderful scent and leaves skin feeling soft
I try to always double cleanse even though I don't wear makeup very often. I find its better for removing the grime of the day and the outside elements, as well as keeping my skin protected and supple. I loved this product as it was a great oil cleanse with a delicious scent and my skin felt soft after.
Very moisturizing!
I received samples and used for evening cleansing. I like the smell and I felt my face was very moisturized after using. I used a toner after and still had a small bit of makeup left on my face after cleansing. Maybe not a deep cleanser to remove makeup but good for cleaning the face from dirt/oils.
intense floral scent kinda turned me off but it was definitely cleansing
Nice cleansing oil
This is an effective cleansing oil that leaves the skin soft and feeling fresh. My only dislike is that the scent is a little too strong.
Feels amazing
Anything by this company I have tried and loved. This feels amazing on your skin without drying it out. I have combo dry and oily skin so this product made me feel clean but without stripping my natural oils off my face. Definitely one to keep on hand at my house
The smell is amazing and it leaves your skin feeling nourished and soft.
this stuff is awesome use it everyday makes your face feel fresh
It pours out too quickly to control the amount that you need. A lot of wasted product.
I got a free sample of this product and it cleared my face over night. I plan on buying myself a full bottle as soon as my current cleanser runs out.
Have tried and had mixed results my skin is more radiant but the you have to use a lot and it takes more that one bottle to get a healthy skin look
I loved this product! It left no oily resude on my face and made it so soft and bright!!
From the first time I used it I was amazed. I've started menopause and my skin is drier. I got a sample of both the serum and the cleanser. Loved it.
I got a sample and it was amazing! My skin felt so soft & refreshed! I had a hard time finding in store though.
I have seen this product for a while but thought sometime we need to shake off old habits and go forward with the new. after reading the product listing I went ahead and bought some as a senior one has to be careful and having my Grandchildren come see me I would never put anything on their skin to harm them, I thought the product was wonderful felt really smooth but not sticky when I put it on 2 of my Grandkids arms to remove the mixture of paint glue and who knows what else they got into , I applied and it was amazing all the paint and stuff just melted off anywhere I used it and left them with very smooth skin
I'm a huge fan of Palmer's facial oils and they are still part of my daily skin care regimen. The facial cleansing oil is a great way to cleanse your face, taking off all the makeup even waterproof mascara! I'd recommend this cleanser to anyone.

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