4.6 5 0 269 269 Pampers® Cruisers® is the first and only diaper that has Extra Absorb Channels™* to help distribute wetness evenly, so it doesn’t sag like ordinary diapers and they stay dry for up to 12 hours.
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Cute design
We have been using these diapers on our day since the day she was born. We never had any issues with them. They don’t leak easily, they seem to fit nicely and they have a indicator on the front to let you know when it’s time to size up. Bonus is the cute design on them that they change once in a while. Generally satisfied
great fit
we love this product but stopped purchasing it because of the cost per diaper - we do still use pampers but their more economical line
Moves with baby, doesn’t leak
Love pampers diapers! My LO stays dry all night long. No leaking holds a ton! Great value for your money. They are not bulky like other diapers. They stay in place for my active 10 month old! Recommend to everyone!
Good diapers
Excellent diapers for crawling babies. They hold on tightly and snugly. My baby has never leaked with these diapers. I love them and recommend them to everyone! Pampers are my #1
Only diapers I use
I love the new look and stretch of the new cruisers. They just keep making Pampers better and better. They are the only diapers I have ever used with my five kids and they just work to stop leeks and move with them.
parfait pour ma fille qui fortille!!!
apres avoir utiliser une autre marque de couche d'un excellente qualité pour ma fille quand elle etais plus petite, est venu un moment ou la sorte n'étais pas offert plus grand, jai donc du trouver une sorte de couche parfaite pour les fesses de ma fille et les pampers cruisers se sont revelé parfaite!!! elles absorbent super bien et s'ajuste parfaitement! elles ne sentent pas le pipi et debordent tres rapement. malgré que les pampers sois legerement parfumer, ma fille n'a jamais eu de reaction quelconque!
Love these diapers!
I’ve used these diapers for both my kids and would use them again if I have any more kids! I prefer pampers to any other diaper brand. I find they have a nice “baby” smell when you open the package and they also don’t have a strong pee smell when they are full. I have never experienced and leaks with the cruisers brand and they allow my boys to run around and play comfortably.
Love these!
We have been using pampers since day one that my daughter was born and we absolutely love them!
Only diapers I use!! Love the way they fit my little ones
Great for babies on the move!
I buy these for my 2 yr old...I used to use Huggies Cruisers but every once in a while we'd have an issue with them leaking--we switched to these and haven't had any leakage issue
Love all pampers diapers
We have used pampers since my son was born these are great for when u just start to crawl or walk never had no leaks. Definitely suggest these to all moms. The pampers points are great as well
Not good for sensitivity
We bought these as our son started moving around more. However not very good if child has a sensitive tush. Son broke out in a rash in diaper area had to go back to the swaddlers
great diaper
This fits perfect and keeps baby dry while allowing them to move around comfortably.
Purchased these for our little one, and were so happy that they don't leak and she is able to move around without them moving off to the side! Also love the fact that she didn't get any rashes from these!
Love pampers diapers
We love pampers diapers, we usually use the cruisers during the day and baby dry at night and have not had leaks or any rashes. We plan on using for baby number 2 as well. Also love the points system they have definite added bonus!

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