4.5 5 0 271 271 Pampers® Cruisers® is the first and only diaper that has Extra Absorb Channels™* to help distribute wetness evenly, so it doesn’t sag like ordinary diapers and they stay dry for up to 12 hours.
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Purchased these for our little one, and were so happy that they don't leak and she is able to move around without them moving off to the side! Also love the fact that she didn't get any rashes from these!
Love pampers diapers
We love pampers diapers, we usually use the cruisers during the day and baby dry at night and have not had leaks or any rashes. We plan on using for baby number 2 as well. Also love the points system they have definite added bonus!
Super absorbant
I used those diapers for my little boy. They are very absorbant. They can be in place for a long period of time. Very good product.
My kids also use pampers. They absorb alot. My baby has not had any skin problems.
love them
recieved these as well as a few other brands at my baby shower (won't mention names in this review) and by far these are the best diapers i have tried. i have not had any leaks even when my little one is in one all night. my baby has not had any rashes or reactions to this diaper (though he doesn't seem to have sensitive skin so hasn't reacted to other brands either), he seems to be comfortable in them and they are softer to the touch compared to other brands. i would highly recommend pampers to anyone.
Pampers Cruisers are the answer to your on-the-go kid!!
I’ve used pampers cruisers for both of my kids and plan to use them for baby #3. I don’t have to worry about leaking diapers, even with busy kiddos!
Best diapers holy can buy
Pampers Cruisers at the only diapers we go by, we've tried everything under the sun and put this being or third baby they have stood through the test of time! We have no nighttime leaks, and they aren't too bulky! A great diaper all around.
Only brand I use
No leaks...and comfortable for my little one. Most important.... No leaks!!!
Best of the best
These diapers are tried and true in my home, I love how thin they are but how well they hold up! They’re flexible and reliable, I won’t use any other brand.
Very absorbent
Used this brand with my son and we love how it keeps up for long hours. The only brand that didn’t give him any rashes.
Pampers cruiser
Absolutely loved these. My little guy a thick legs and they fit so nice around his legs with out rubbing and irritation. No leaks . He also had sensitive skin and never broke out with these.
My little mover!
My little mover can move comfortably with these diapers. They fit properly and leave my little girl feeling comfy for hours! They do not leak nor do they cause her to have any rashes like other brands! They are my go-to diaper!
Love love love!
I have used Pampers Cruisers on both of my children once they became mobile and we absolutely love them. They don’t sag as much as most diapers and it great. My kids are able to crawl and run around without leaking and the diaper stays in place.
Great for babies on the move
Love these diapers. They are very absorbent and fit well on my 9 month old. My 9 month old is quite the mover cruising around on everything. Since using these diapers we have not had a leak at all.
Only diapers I'll buy
We switched to Cruisers with both of my boys as soon as they were starting to become mobile. They fit great and they're the only ones we use during the day. I have noticed a few more leaks with my 2nd son than with my 1st since they have totally different body shapes. It usually just indicates to me to size up and it stops though.

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