4.6 5 0 253 253 Pampers® Cruisers® is the first and only diaper that has Extra Absorb Channels™* to help distribute wetness evenly, so it doesn’t sag like ordinary diapers and they stay dry for up to 12 hours.
Pampers® Cruisers®
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What I love about pampers cruisers that it contains a absorbing chanel and let my baby play as she likes. Great product.
My kids used pampers for six years. I tried some others brands too but they failed to give the performance as the pampers show
Super buenos y mantienen la piel de mi bebe muy limpio y seco me encantan pampers cruisers
I love pampers diapers and these are great for when the little one starts moving around.
Excellent diapers! Have been using them for my 2 year old since since she went into size 5 and they always hold up well. Pampers are number 1 in our house. Also love that they go up to size 7!
Loved pampers with both of my children. Tried cheaper brands and even competitor “big brands”.. Nothing ever fit or worked as well as Pampers!
They are okay, but I found my son leaked pee on the sides and didn’t help with poop at the back.
my mom use pampers on me I was a baby. I wood use them on my baby’s too......,
I love Pampers Cruisers for my chubby little guy. They are great for daytime when he is moving around, and they keep him dry all night. They fit perfectly and keep everything contained.
These diapers work really well, although I don't know how different they are from the other types of Pampers.
By far the BEST diapers I have used on my son !! have tried other brands and they would leak through and also didn't fit his legs right . tried these pampers and haven't had a problem no leaks full nights of sleep LOVE them!!!
I absolutely love these diapers. They fit my children so well & hold everything so there are no leaks.
Great for babies who crawl, great absorbment, and the look is pretty cute.
This is a great brand. I trust it's quality and it never lets me down leaks wise.
these are the only leakproof diapers i have found they last all night

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