4.5 5 0 196 196 Helps potty training make sense during the day and protects against leaks at night.
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Good product
These are great for use when potty training. They are easy to pull on & off and are quite absorbent. I only wish they had velcro tabs like the Pull-ups so you can seal them up when they are dirty.
Rocky transition
Transitioning for diapers to pull ups was an easy process. Trying to transition from pull ups to underwear is proving to be more difficult because she likes the look of the pull ups
Parfait pour l'apprentissage de la propreté. Se met comme une culotte et peux se déchirer sur le côté pour enlever...
Super soft
These are super soft and very comfortable compared to other brands. No leaks in case of an accident. My only issue is that they are heavily scented.
Perfect for Potty Training
My son is currently potty training and these training pants are great! They are easy for my son to pull off and on. Definitely recommend to any moms and dads who are currently training their little ones!
We got these as son is now showing signs of being ready for the boy potty. However find that they dont yold much urine at all. Definatly wont ve buying again until he is potty trained
Good quality
I have used pampers for both of my babies. This is most trusted brand for diapers. Now , I am using easyup for my lil girl. Works great . They absorb pee nicely and not leakage.
Big girl panties
My LO refers to these as her big girl panties. Love the independence that these give her during potty training. Require some care to pull down and up without ripping the sides. Not as absorbent for night time.
Potty training pull ups
These are by far the best easy up pull ups to help potty train. My 3 year old fights going to the potty and these are the only pull ups that hold his pee without leaking. They are also very easy for him to pull up and down without them ripping. Highly recommend.
Easy to use
These made transitioning to underwear very easy for our toddler. Would have been nice however to have recloseable sides for accidents with #2
Culotte d'entrainement
J'ai essayé plusieurs marques et j'ai vraiment préféré ce produit. Elles sont plus robustes. Ma fille les baissait et les remontait vigoureusement alors celles qui se détachent sur les côtés étaient détruites en quelques minutes. Mais ça reste des produits jetables avec bien du produits synthétiques...
My favourite brand of diapers but if you have a baby with very sensitive skin I would say try a different brand all together. I like it for my girls and not boys...just how it works🤷��‍♀️
My son loved his Easy Ups with Thomas The Train! They were great at letting me know if he had an accident and were easy for him to put on and take off by himself. They were also soft on the sides, which made them more comfortable than other similar products.
I've never really been a fan of Pampers, but when I was potty-training my son, I used these along with another brand and loved them both. No overnight leaks and it took no time for him to be completely day-trained wearing these and the other brand. Very easy to pull up and down, simple enough for a child to do it themselves.They certainly helped to make my son feel like a "big boy" and made him so confident! With graphics of their favorite characters, Easy Ups are just like underwear in their eyes, but you get the relief and comfort of knowing they're absorbent, just in case of an accident. They're great! Only downfall I noticed was they sometimes ripped before I even got them on my wiggly boy (to be fair, so did the other ones) so maybe they could be a bit more durable. Other than that minor issue, they work wonderfully and I would definitely recommend them to any parent who's potty-training or will be in the near future.
really soft and gives you the feel like underwear rather than pampers. My son loved the addition of thomas and friends on the front which made him more excited during his potty training. Thumbs up!

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