4.4 5 0 174 174 Helps potty training make sense during the day and protects against leaks at night.
Pampers Easy Ups
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Let me just say, first of all, that when you look at these you might have some concerns about how much they can hold. Worry not, they are insanely absorbent, hold a huge amount at suction all the liquid away so that it stays pretty dry too. The only small issue with these is that the 'easy tearaway' sides might cause trouble for some. For example, if your little one has the tendency to stick their arms in the side of the underwear and stretch them, they will eventually rip that way, wasting them or worse, releasing whatever is inside. You do have to put your hands/arms in the band and stretch past about half a hand distance away from the body to make them rip though, so if your kids don't have a tendency to do that, you'll be just fine. They really do have a lot of designs and patterns like underwear is really easing the training process. I know some people might not like the pink and blue stuff, but there's nothing to stop you using these on whatever gender you want.
While i personally prefer huggies, these were our second favourite choice :)
Pampers easy ups were wonderful for potty training my little ones I would absolutely recommend them to any one.
The best leak proof diapers! And yes, I used them as a dipers(not for potty training) as they easy to use, very gentle to skin, the best option for nights. Love them!!
Best training pants for my son. Loved how strong it is when pulling diapers up and down, sides does not rip easily. Its very stretchy too. Great of all, no leaks. Great for potty training.
Nothing but good things to say about pampers easy ups. They are easy to put on and off when I was potty training my daughter, they were life savers
My 3 year old is in the midst of potty training and he loved the change up from Huggies Pull-ups. Thomas the train was a huge hit for him. The stretchiness is easy to pull on or off. My son's only complaint was thy were "stinky" - perfumed with a strong baby powder scent.
We use these on the regular basis. We have never experienced leakage like we have with other brands.
Pampers the best
Plusieur essaie de differentes marques toujours les meilleures pas pleines la nuit l odeur est tres bonne. Durer tres longue sans avoir a changer.
Great product! Toddlers love the feel of big kid underwear, and parents love the security of having accidents covered! Loved this product. Thumbs up
Great absorbency. The only down side is that if your toddler doesn't make it to the potty and has a poo it ends up all over their legs when removing the easy up.
I like these as they work great. Easy to slide on and tear down sides makes clean up a breeze when there's an accident.
These are great I keep a suppy for my grandkids when they are here and they are here lots lol
Dommage qu'elle ne sont pas dotées d attaches qui permettrait de les enfiler sans tout devoir enlever les pantalons en cas de petits incidents sinon je les adores
My son loves that Thomas the Tank Engine is on his diapers!

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