4.4 5 0 87 87 Gently cleanses hair with a nutrient-rich lather that wraps every strand for effortless detangling and lasting shine
Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Shampoo
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Bought when on sale to try it helped my hair a little bit I guess I can't expect a miracle lol
j ai bien aimé, a bien démelé mes cheveux longs et frisés! J utilise toujours Pantene pour cheveux frisés, mais à l occasion, un petit changement pou faire du bien à mes cheveux, et cette fois, bien choisi!
Must Buy
I tried some of this while travelling and bought some as soon as I returned home. Combined with the conditioner, this was the perfect duo for really soft hair that didn’t need additional treatment (e.g. oil) after a shower.
Don’t bother
It’s nothing exciting and doesn’t do anything it’s just cheap shampoo
It’s the only brand I trust for clean, soft and great smelling hair!
Only product I use!
I love Pantene shampoo, it leaves a very smooth hair and fresh scent all day.
Love it!
Pantene Pro V Repair and Protect shampoo works beautifully. I have long, color treated hair and this shampoo has really helped with split ends and dryness. An added bonus is I’m not sick of it before the bottle is used up. It does a great job for a long time and I would buy it again.
Pantene is a very affordable brand but is one of my favorite because it does make a difference in your hair compared to other affordable shampoos. This one is not the exception, I love this shampoo because it leaves my hair soft and smooth.
Decent job
It does a decent job at cleaning hair can go up to 4 days without cleaning before I cleaned my hair again
Decent shampoo, pricey
This shampoo was just okay. It did not have much of an affect on my hair, it didn't feel smoother or fuller after using. It is plain and does not make your hair smell nice. For the price, it is simply not worth it.
Tried & True
This shampoo does a great job of leaving your hair clean and silky smooth.
Shiny, silky hair even without conditioner.
Use most of the time. I am eighty and my hair is gorgeous. No split ends, no dryness, just luxurious soft waves and a smell that is heaven sent. most certainly recommened.
Husbands favourite
This Pantene is my husbands favourite. He swears by it. Smells great and leaves your hair very shiny.
Perfect smell
Really good shampoo! I love the smell and the texture it gives to the hair.
Clean hair well
I would recommend this shampoo to anyone with oily hair and does a decent job of keeping my hair clean and healthy without loosing to much hair recommend to use with a conditioner or it may cause hair to feel dry

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