4.4 5 0 87 87 Gently cleanses hair with a nutrient-rich lather that wraps every strand for effortless detangling and lasting shine
Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Shampoo
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I am a very big fan of Patene Hair products and have been now for about 4 years. My hair was breaking, falling out and just plain gross feeling and looking and I needed to find a product that would help my hair and that is when I discover Patene and have been a Patene lover and supporter every since.
I've been a Pantene user for years. First found they used it at my Salon. It convinced me there and then. My hair was shinier and had more volume. I have to use the one to protect my coloured and sometimes damaged hair. It always does what I want. No wonder my Salon uses Pantene. My hair styles easily when I am finished drying my hair. Great product.
It smells nice and made my hair feel soft and I have fine hair
I have tried this product and I still use it today it makes my hair soft ,smooth and easy to manage.It also smells amazing.I will also keep using this product but too bad they wouldn't come out with something for colored hair when someone is after dying there hair and wants to keep there color.
Smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. Will buy again!
Love how great my hair feels and smells after using
I was using Pantene repair and protect up until about three weeks ago. It always made my hair feel soft, but I didn't really see and repairs be done to my hair, so I moved on to a new one hoping for better luck.
Amazing smell! My hair always feels so soft and clean!
This is my go to shampoo, I love the smell and the way it makes my hair feel after washing.
I bought this because it was on sale. I really liked how clean it made my hair feel. I've been buying it ever since.
I found this product left my hair soft and manageable. I use Pantene Shampoo on a regular bases and have for years.
I love the pro -v repair shampoo love how soft my hair is after i use it will keep using this
I like Pantene products and this one is no exception. I like the way it cleans my hair and how my hair looks and feels after. There is no build up or residue.
I switched to this one after I got a sample in the mail. It moisturizes my hair, give it a shine, best of all it won't strip off my treated color. Due to work condition, I need to wash my hair daily, and this mild enough for everyday use.
I love all Pantene products. And this one really worked in my hair. Thank you.

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