PC Organics Margherita Wood-Fired Thin Crust Pizza

4.1 5 0 46 46 Made in Italy, this classic margherita pizza has a delicately crispy thin crust topped organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil.
PC Organics Margherita Wood-Fired Thin Crust Pizza


Great Pizza and Veggie Friendly
I loved the crust and how it cooked up crispy and tasty in the oven.
Très bon dépanneur rapide
Pizza excellente pour repas pressé ou peu copieux. Elle est simple, sans beaucoup d'ingrédients, tomates, fromage et basilique. La croute est mince et croustillante et le goût est délicieux. Quand on est pressé ou que l'on désire un repas préparé rapidement, cette pizza dépanne bien et est délicieuse avec un petite salade.
Cette pizza a une liste ingrédients simple ,elle est garnie de tomates, de mozzarella, de basilic frais, de sel et d'huile .Elle est rapide a préparée et se déguste bien sur le pouce. Elle est goûteuse légèrement croustillante , elle est un bon dépanneur mais sans plus
Sooo yummy!
The PC brand pizzas are literally soo good! I love this one and there's another veggie one that's amazing too! They are nice and crispy and they have a LOT of flavor! I'll be buying this tomorrow when I go grocery shopping because now I'm craving it!
Delicious - Doesn't taste like a frozen pizza
Has a very authentic, Italian taste and doesn't have the texture of a pizza that comes from your freezer. The crust is lightly crisp and thin and the combination of ingredients is well balanced. A great family favourite at our house!
Good for the prince
Thin crust as described but could have some more amount of toppings My kids enjoyed it. Overly not heavy as it’s crust is thin but still filling up the stomach.
Definitely basic
It tasted okay, but the crust is too thin and there are not enough toppings for my taste. It was definitely not enough to satisfy my husband and myself, I would not pay the price again.
Same quality as big brand pizzas
Delicious and cheaper than most big brand name frozen pizzas. Taste and looks the same as Dr. Otker pizzas. Will continue buying this brand of pizzas for the quality and taste.
A real good pizza
This is an awesome pizza and the kids love it, but overall it truly does not taste like wood-fired or wood ovened pizza. If they could make it taste more like that, I’d be much more satisfied.
Correct !
C'est correct comme goût et comme texture, pratique pour une pizza rapide pour les moments pressés!
Not bad for organic tastes
Overall I was sceptical about it but once we tried it we loved the taste and it fit right in perfectly with our healthy eating resolution. Only thing I would change is the lack of toppings.
Tasty, basic pizza
I did like the taste, though it was a bit too basic. I like that it's organic. Wood-fired crust should have been a touch thicker. What got me was the price: too high for a frozen pizza.
Okay frozen pizza
When I saw this pizza on sale, I had to give it a try for a quick and easy lunch in the go. It was simple to make but unfortunately I found that it lacked the right flavours to make it great!
Like this pizza a lot. But only buy when on sale as price is a bit steep. Taste great. Bakes well. Love and will buy again
absolutely loved this pizza! I would buy this over and over again - it was delicious and did NOT taste like a frozen pizza whatsoever! it tasted like a wood-fire pizza for sure!

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