4.2 5 0 60 60 Enjoy the indulgent taste of traditional New York-Style cheesecake in this plant-based version made with a white bean base.
PC® Plant-Based Original Cheesecake-Style Dessert
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Doesn't taste anything like regular cheesecake, but still good. It's thick, not really sweet. Sometimes the price is a steal.
Plant based cheese cake
wow this product is amazingly delicious. Really very tasty and not to sweet. I bought 2 for my company that came over for dinner as a desert with coffee. tea. Very nice good price will buy again
Surprisingly delicious
I try this product at a vegan/vegetarian festival last summer. Needless to say, this was one of the only items that I kept going back for more. I am not a vegan or vegetarian but wow what a delicious dessert. I would recommend anyone to purchased try this product. You would never know it was plant base at all. I have bought one of these cheesecakes every month since last summer! Cheat night...good Job PC!
I went to super store to get pop this cheesecake was on sale so thought I’d try it. I took one bit and fell in love very smooth texture gram cracker crust put some raspberry jam on it it was to die for
Decent cheesecake
I was iffy on trying this, but they were on sale so we gave it a go. It's actually quite good for a frozen store cheesecake. We used chocolate ice creams sauce to top it with and it made it a bit tastier.
not bad for store's desert
It isn't bakery quality, but is pretty decent for frozen cheese cake
Nutritious and delicious
My husband is vegan, so we bought this for a family gathering. It is quite tasty, and sweet if that is your taste. The beans add some protein which isn’t something you would usually get from a dessert cake.
This cheesecake is disgusting. Tastes terrible. Would not recommend.
Adding Dairy Queen cheery sauce!
This cheesecake is awesome when you add cheery sauce bought from D.Q. My whole family just loves it. I just love the taste of the cheesecake and the cherry sauce! Go to D.Q. get a cup of sauce to go. It is cheep to buy! Go home and put it on the cheesecake and enjoy!
It was pretty good considering it was plant based. I would buy again but only on sale
actually good
I usually not really into cheesecake but I really enjoyed this one from presidents choice as it the cheesecake flavour wasn't so intense and ultra sweet and had a good amount of it
Diabetes on a plate
Super sweet. Nutritional values were scary. 60 grams of carbs and 40 grams of sugar per serving. For something plant based was it necessary to cover up the taste with several different types of sugars so it would taste good.
Taste so good
I love me some cheesecake, and would recommend this to anyone
It's a good alternative
I purchased this because I couldn't find a regular cheesecake in store. This was better than I thought but it really doesn't have the nice graham crust I look for compared to a New York Cheesecake. That being said, it's a great alternative and probably as close to an actual New York Cheesecake as it'll get. However for me, I wouldn't get it again.
Me and my family are now obsessed with this and if im being honest ...none of my kids know its plant based because its the basic thing like if you tell your kid the meal has broccoli in it,,,( just an example) they just wont eat it soooo im gonna tell them within a month and they probably wont even believe me

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