4.2 5 0 60 60 Enjoy the indulgent taste of traditional New York-Style cheesecake in this plant-based version made with a white bean base.
PC® Plant-Based Original Cheesecake-Style Dessert
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Tastes Almost Like the Real Thing!
I was definitely sceptical about Plant Based ‘Cheesecake’, and honestly the only reason I bought it was because it was on sale for literally $1...but I was actually really really impressed with it! I don’t purchase or consume plant based products normally so I really didn’t know what to expect but I think if I didn’t know ahead of time that it was plant based, I wouldn’t have been able to tell just by tasting it. It’s almost exactly like the real deal!!
It was a pleasantly surprised. I didn’t realized it was planted based cheesecake, incredibly tasty.
Completely surprised
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t believe that I was eating planted based cheesecake. I liked that it was organic, so it felt healthy.
It's okay
I liked the cheesecake but it was a little dry. I might try it again but maybe a flavor one instead of the plain
soooo good
This is by far the creamiest vegan cheesecake i have had so far. very tasty.
Scrumptious. Heavenly. Great as an after dinner treat
this was a light deliciously fluffy cheesecake ....it melted in my mouth..the smooth texture really played on my taste buds :) I love cheesecake so i most definitely recommend it :)
Cheese Cake
It has a nice tart taste n it was nice n creamy, loved the cream cheese but the crust was just a little soggy
Plant based products rock!
Excellent alternative to regular cheesecake when living a plant based lifestyle. Taste and texture were wonderful- I look forward to new flavours!
Very dry
I didn’t like the product because I found it to be very dry
I am a cheesecake addict and really enjoyed this product. It was good value for the price. I enjoyed that it was plant based. I would be interested in trying different flavors.
Cheese cake
I tried it at a taste test it was excellent. Wouldn't know the difference if you are not told.
Plant based Cheesecake
Had a great taste. I thought it was going to be grainy in texture but was delicious
Plant based cheesecake
I liked it a lot. It does not really have a cheesecake texture but it did have a cheesecake taste.
unbelievable taste.
Excellent for serving as a dessert and a beautiful and tasty.

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