4.2 5 0 60 60 Enjoy the indulgent taste of traditional New York-Style cheesecake in this plant-based version made with a white bean base.
PC® Plant-Based Original Cheesecake-Style Dessert
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Very good! I didn’t think I would like a plant based product.
Delish! taste an texture like real cheesecake!
Absolutely surprised by this PC plant based cheesecake! It had the same taste and texture as real cheesecake! Only thing I wish that it was a bit bigger and that they come out with flavoured ones next!
I enjoyed this all plant based cheesecake. I thought I might not, but it was for sure a buy again item.
Plant based cheesecake
This didn’t come even close to a cheesecake. Both my husband and I tried this. It was bland and tasted closer to cardboard
Perfect Substitute
This is a perfect substitute to any dairy based cheesecake. While it doesn't have the exact same taste it is close enough for the vegans and vegetarians to enjoy during any family meal.
Darn good
At first I thought yuck but we like trying new things so I bought one hid the box from my family and omg they loved it cant tell its plant based we went back and got a few more
great product
i have allergies in my family (eggs, nuts etc) and this plant based cheesecake tastes really good...
I was skeptical about a plant based cheescake but this was surprisingly good comparable to those chesscakes made with cream cheese
Very good vegan option
I tried this at my vegan daughters birthday and I couldn’t tell it was any different than non-vegan. Nice texture and great flavor .
Not for me
Did not like this. Found it to be extremely sweet and didn’t like the after taste. Original cheesecake is the best.
Tasty Cheesecake
This product is extremely tasty, has a smooth texture & makes a wonderful dessert or snack. I recommend this to everyone.
Surprisingly good
I tried this in PC cooking class. It has the same lime taste as a regular cheese cake and similar texture. There was a lot of cynasism in the class about how it would taste, but everyone agreed it was surprisingly good.
You will never believe it is vegan
I am not a vegan, but always interested in trying new products. Was pleasantly surprised at the flavour and texture of this dessert. You would be able to serve this to everyone and the non-vegans would not even know. Even better with fruit on top.
Very tasty for a plant based cheesecake and a little healthier than a regular cheesecake. It was delicious and I will purchase again.
One of the best Cheesecakes I've EVER had
I've been a vegetarian for a while but only recently I've been making the switch to Vegan. Meaning that as a vegetarian I've had plenty of regular cheescakes before. I usually go for homemade cheescakes as pre-made things are not super appealing to me. I heard a lot about this product specifically and decided to give it a try. To be honest, I expected it to be tasteless and dull. I was SO WRONG. This was absolutely delicious and I had to control myself to not eat the whole thing at once. It's not the healthiest, but it is sooooo good, even better than a lot of regular cheescakes I had. Highly recommend!

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