4.5 5 0 227 227 Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside with a tangy-sweet honey garlic sauce made.
PC Too Good to be Wings Garlic Boneless Chicken Breast Chunks
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PC Chicken Chunks
Very good. White meat. Tasty. Sauce was good. Not to strong. Nice to have on hand for appies when company comes or just as a snack/easy meal.
Wings are the best
Presidents Choice have the best line of products I have ever eaten. They never disappoint me. These wings are no exception. They are so good and I knew I could count on that. I would serve them up at any of my functions and be confident they will be enjoyed.
These were so delicious. Instructions Were very easy to follow and the outcome was amazing. They are nice and crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside. The flavour isn’t too overpowering which was nice.
Great Tasting and Convenient
If you love chicken wings, you'll love these. Great as a quick meal or as a party appetizer. Simply cook, add a toothpick to each, sauce on the side and voila!
Easy Dinner
Always have this in my freezer for a busy day ran long! Delicious dinner ready with no effort other than waiting for it to be ready while i settle down at home. Usually one box is good for 3 people. Recommend!
PC Honey garlic
These chicken bites are delicious. This is another product that PC has done a great job at creating!
Someting different
I am always looking for something different to make for supper. This fits the bill plus it is quick and easy. Everyone liked how they taste
My kids loved these i will be buying them more often convenient also easy make .
honey garlic boneless chicken bites
love my childeren love the honey garlic and very tender inside
Easy to cook and treats great
I love how quick and easy it is. The honey garlic sauce is sweet and very tasty. Even my picky toddler loves them!
Easy and delicious
I bought them for host a dinner with friends and everybody loved them! Simply, easy to make and delicious
Pretty good
Tastes pretty good, not our favorite, but taste e.
Expensive for the amount and extra uneccessary packaging
I have tried these 2x now, and found that for the amount that is in the box, that PC/Loblaws are not putting in much meat in the box...the box is at least half empty, which is disappointing because they cost a lot. Also, the extra sauce packaging which I thought would be on the chicken pieces, not in a package, is a lot for the amount of chicken (it would make a bath for the chicken pieces if you used it all...and I hate paying more for a simple sauce I can make at home).
Not a fan!
We purchased a box of these last week because they were on sale. We didn’t notice until we got home that they were only 16% (I think) meat protein. When you eat them they don’t have the same texture as actual chicken breast, and the honey garlic sauce they come with is extremely sweet! I would rather make these from scratch with real meat!
The best I have ever tasted. They are the perfect size and so tender and tasty. The dill is amazing. I highly recommend. I had to go buy two more boxes as it was so good.

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