4.3 5 0 63 63 Non-medicated, it’s designed for regular use and helps protect against the wetness and irritants that can lead to diaper rashes and chafing.
Penaten® Daily Clear Protection Cream
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Peneten has been a staple in my home for sore bums and preventing sore bums from occurring! I have a now 4 year old and 6 year old. It was a life saver while they were in diapers and I still use it in rare times that they have a sore bum from being sick or chafing. Its something I feel I will always keep around the house just in case.
Amazing bum cream
Oh my this cream is super! We use the stuff in the tin, and yes this stuff is thick, and works great. Man this stuff works so well on healing, or helping the healing process.
The only diaper cream I swear by. A little goes a long way and usually works after one application.
While this product is designed for babies, it is good for everyone. I particularly like to use this product when I have had to do a cleansing in preparation for a colonoscopy. This is a good product to have on hand.
I absolutely loved this product. It made it alot easier to clean my babies faeces from his bottom. Without it it was harder to clean and that then caused more excoriation. I didn't use it for when he had an irritation and used a diaper rash cream. Once healed I returned to using this product.
I used this for my boys and loved it. its a great product .
I use this product at night to protect my daughter's skin when I know I won't be changing her diaper as frequently. She hasn't had a rash yet. It goes on smoothly and wipes of easily. It's definitely less messy that Penaten cream if you are looking for a skin protector and not to treat an existing rash.
This product is a great way to prevent diaper rash without a gummy mess.
I've used this on my 5 month old son, helps clear diaper rash quickly and prevents it from coming back. would definitely recommend
Didn't help my son's diaper rash. If it did anything at all, it irritated his skin more.
I have 4 children and I have used Penaten on 3 of them. So far, I have not had to deal with my 6 month old son having a rash, which is why I haven't used Penaten yet. Penaten works really well and is priced better then most other products that don't work nearly as well. The squeeze tube is handy because you don't have to worry about dropping the lid (or worse the part of the tin where the Penaten is sitting).
This product is amazing! I used it on my children when they were in diapers and it helped their skin so fast and efficiently.
I think I got this in a pack of Penaten I purchased at costco. My fist son never had a diaper rash so I didn't have to use them but my second is more sensitive. I found this bottle on the cupboard when he was a month old and have been using this product since then. It has definitely helped to prevent any rash. It won't get rid of an already existing rash but great as a barrier.
Works great. i really like it but it does the same thing as vaseline i think so its kind of expensive because you dont get that much in the tube.
Works great when you have dry skin and rashes. I used to use it all the time when my Daughter was a baby!

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