4.6 5 0 98 98 Creamy diaper rash treatment. Helps relieve, soothe and prevent diaper rash.
Penaten Diaper Rash Treatment
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Baby bum
I've tried other diapers creams and nothing has worked as well as Penaten diaper rash treatment. It's nice and thick and gets the job done. I notice a huge difference just after one use. My baby gets diaper rash frequently. This is my life saver!
I tried this diaper cream on both girls. Only one was able to continue using it as it didn't help the other. It is very thick and does the job after a couple days. It does.not smell strong or harsh.
Works Really Well
This Penaten Diaper Rash Cream truly works wonders and is honestly a huge lifesaver! My baby gets a diaper rash often and Penaten helps soothe her skin & itching. I love how creamy and thick this cream is. I notice a hugedifference by my babys next diaper change after using Penaten. I recommend this to all the mamas expecting a baby/or have a baby.
Works great
Fixed diaper rashes in matter of a day, helped prevent them also.
Works great
My 15 months old had really bad rash. I tried a lot of things and sudo cream too. But nothing helped. Then i buy panaten and it worked wonders for my kid. With only 3 uses the rash was gone.
Best Best Best
i can swear by this cream .does the right job .i tried millions of things but this the only one that worked for my first one biy and using the same for my second girl
Fonctionne bien
J’ai utilisé ce produit pour guérir les fesses de mon bébé irrité et ca la bien fonctionner. Je l’ai également essayé sur moi et ca l’a également fonctionné. Je recommande ce produit.
Not just for baby
I used some of this cream on my dry face before bed and it was amazing.
Does the job!
I have been using this bum cream for the passed 8 years as I have 5 children all under 9. I won't use any other bum cream as I feel this one does the perfect job. I haven't liked other brands as much as this one. I would recommend this product to all jew moms.
Used daily
This is our go to for our baby. We use it once daily. It helps reduce any redness on the skin and helps sooth any irritations.
Penaten is the best!
We have been using this product in my family for over 30 years! I remember my mom using this on my younger sibling and was happy to see when I had my daughter decades later that penaten cream is still amazing. Gentle on baby’s skin and helps with diaper rash.
Classic item for your little one
This product has been a classic go to for years. It was used on me, cousins and now my little one. It makes me feel happy that I’m using a product that helps and prevents diaper rash.
Loved they way this product helps keep there bottoms from having rashes and redness. It like a barrier cream and a ointment in one. My only issue is how hard it is to wipe off sometimes but if its not broke, don't fix it right.
Works fine
It does its job as it protects baby's skin from diaper rashes. But it is very sticky and very hard to spread over the skin, especially when you know that the baby's skin is too soft and sensitive, so you can't rub it much.
rash cream .. not just for babies
Greatly trusted brand and product. Not super thick or sticky with light scent. Only rash cream I buy for my kids.

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