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Pepperidge Farm Cracker Chips
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These crackers are so tangy, crunchy and a hint of saltines at the same time, making my taste buds tingle and leaving my tummy always wanting more! These are highly recommended if your looking for a fun cracker to put out on your cheese board, in your lunch for work or even your kids snack bag!
I thought these cracker chips in chili and lime flavor were not that good. Too much lime flavor that overpowered the chili. I would not buy again....However, I did like the other flavors!
Je ne suis pas une personne qui mange beaucoup de craquelins mais j'ai bien aimé cette sorte. La saveur était très bonne. Je vais surement en racheter.
These are a great alternative to potato chips. They satisfy my craving for crunch and are a good salt fix with less calories that chips. I've tried 3 of the flavours and they are all good.
Wow! Tellement bon et croustillant, J`adore le goût de la lime subtile. Une collation plutôt santé et pas très dispendieuse quand elle vient en spécial.
A very light and crispy chip/cracker. The only downside is you finish them quickly.
I love these cracker chips they taste so good and are very healthy my whole family loves them.
Nice healthy snack! Crunchy and flavourful. I usually divide the bag into portions to take in my lunch. Only negative is the pieces are sometimes broken up .
Really great flavor. Too easy to eat too much! lol. Would buy again. Kids weren't too excited by it but they aren't much into lime anything. That's ok with me, all mine!!
Fantastic taste..very crunchy...great for a snack. They are pretty healthy too.
They are light and crispy and have just the right amount of seasoning.
I have tried 3 different flavours of the Pepperidge Farm cracker chips. Chocolate, Caramel & cinnamon sugar. Not fond of the caramel, but the cinnamon sugar is my favourite with chocolate a close second. A guilt free snack!
I found them to be very light and tasty. Not a product that I would expect from Pepperidge Farms. But will definitely buy more.
Yummy and light! I love the crunch and lime flavour. I prefer them much more than chips!
YUMMY! And they satisfy my 'chip' cravings without all the guilt.

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