3.7 5 0 80 80 The classic taste of Graham crackers meets the fun-to-eat form of Goldfish crackers, in lots of sweet, tantalizing flavors!
Pepperidge Farms Grahams
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Goldfish cheese crackers are what they know how to do best. While these are ok, real Kraft Graham crackers are still the best. The design of the cracker is fun to eat but they have to be eaten alone, as is, you cannot put anything on them, or it is difficult to add flavour to them, like peanut butter. They are an ok snack.
these are soo delicious!!! a guilty pleasure... i got these for my 2 little fellas and find myself wanting them! ha ha. seriously tasty though, and surprisingly okay when reading the nutritional values label! i am pleased and getting them again!
I bought these the last time I went shopping, my daughter requested them, but I had a couple just to try them. They are actually pretty good and my daughter loves them. A nice snack for after school!
My 4 sons love all the Pepperidge Farms fish crackers. These are nice for a quick, chocolatey snack. They like the flavour.
These were okay, but I liked the original flavour better.
Didn`t really like much and neither did my 2 boys.
These are pretty good, perfect finger food for the whole family.
these are really good, we always get them when they are on sale. would definitely recommend
good but a little goes a long way. but i am not a huge fan of goldfish to begin with.
I haven't tried these before I would like to try them and write a review about them
Have tried other flavors but not this one. Love the pizza flavor
I haven`t tried these, but only because I haven`t seen them to buy any.
This are delicious, make a great snack for young or old.
i foud i would eat the whole bag in 1 day i liked the chocolate ones and the honey ones were good too
I just adore the cheese flavoured fish crackers and I still love their cute shape despite my age ;) because I am not much of I sweet biscuit eater I prefer my cheese crackers instead. Love the fact they are available in graham cracker too thou as they are perfectly bite sized for little snacks.

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