4.2 5 0 404 404 Upgrade to the latest in laundry tech with Persil ProClean Discs –specially designed to deliver an exceptional deep clean. Our patented, distinctive design is the first 4 chamber laundry pac in Canada, and it delivers 4 elements of an exceptional clean: powerful stain fighting, fabric care, lasting freshness, best in class brightening.
Persil ProClean Discs – Stain Fighter
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Easy to use, no need to measure, no mess🙂!! I love the fresh perfume!
Bright and Clean Clothes
This products works just as well as the other more expensive brands. It leaves clothes clean and the colors bright which is what I want in a detergent.
Household must have
I was very pleased to find out that Persil has expanded their line of products to something as convenient as pods/disk detergent. I love using them so much! Especially when we go to cottage. I also find that I usually use too much liquid detergent, so having pods is way more efficient for me. It works just as well as their liquid detergent. Definitely something I need to have in my laundry room!
Cleans pots and pans so well, I burn everything and it’s always so hard to get clean but these tablets works so well.
j'ai aimer le produit en general l'odeur est agreable, nettoie bien les vetements, j'aimerais qu'il existe de plus gros formats car pour le prix je trouve qu'il y en a peu. comme les autres marques.
bon produit
super efficace, on est tres satisfait des produits PERSIL
I have tried the liquid in the passed, and found the scent overwhelming. I was told the pods weren't as intense, however I found that to be untrue. For people who are scent sensitive, this is Not the product for you!!
not the best for us
i love the smell of it , but i do lots of big loads at my house and i have noticed my cloths still smells dirty after i wash it i am disappointed due to the price of these are not cheap, for someone that does the small loads it would probably work fine but we are a big family with lots of laundry so it is not convenient for us i will most likely not buy this again,
Easy and simple
Im a sucker for these. I love the disc. Makes my life so much easier never have 2 over use laundry soap. And it actually takes the stains out. I was impressed!!!
Buy them now!!
I had a coupon to try these out for free so I did and now I am hooked! These are a must have for your laundry room. They clean the clothes so I well and the smell is lovely! I would definitely buy these again, even if they weren’t on sale.
Good scent
It had a pleasant scent. Cleaned my clothes to my expectations but they weren't that dirty so I couldn't put it to the true test.
My mom loves this
My mom loves this stuff I used it at her house and dishes came out amazing!!0
Super great at laundry
Love these things, can’t say enough good things about them. They left my laundry very clean and so easy to use. They knocked this one out of the park!
Persil - Proclean
Persil Proclean - Stainfighter comes in perfectly portioned sized disks. I love that I don't have to worry about doing my own measurement of how much liquid I need to add. The product works! My clothes felt clean and there looked bright and the smell was gentle but not overwhelming
i like too test this product, it the first time a thry , i hope like the produit, persil

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