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Pillsbury* Chocolatey Crescents
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Have tried it not fond of chocolate croissants!
I agree completely with Sonia from Toronto. We didn't care for this product at all nor the chocolate included with the product. I would sooner bake my own with Nutella!!
ma fille les a manger toute dépanneur
tout le mondes en rafole a la maison 8 c`est pas assez
this is great specially when you put apple and sprinkled with brown sugar
I bought this product with high hopes and was disappointed. I would much rather buy the plan crescents and add Nutella for that delicious taste.Did NOT like the chocolate in this product!
The chocolate didn`t really have a good chocolate taste and there was not enough chocolate to go around.plus they where expensive as well.would be alot easier and cheaper to just buy the original crescents and spread some nutella on them
Crescents are delicious, add chocolate, delicious as well. Super easy to make, and delicious.
They are fun to make but I have a hard time drizzling the chocolate over them! There is not enough to go around!
These are easy to make and taste good. Great for an after school snack.
I really enjoy making these on a sunday night so I have little treats for me at the office for the rest of the week. these are really delicious
I think Yummy sums up our thoughts well. My 3 year old loved them.
These are a fast and easy treat after dinner and the kids love them. It would have been nice to have a little more chocolate in them.
I love Pillsbury products because they are usually yummy and easy to make. However, as much as I love chocolate, I wasn`t very crazy about these. They were a bit too sweet and there wasn`t as much chocolate in them as I believed there would be.
Pas mauvais, mais pas éclatant non plus. Les enfants n`en ont pas redemandé

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