Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Playset

4.2 5 0 60 60 MAGICAL PLAY-DOH DRIZZLE TOPPING - Drizzle a crazy candy coating onto your Play-Doh creations with pretend chocolate and silly strawberry topping. It’s a different way to decorate!
Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Playset


Messy but fun
My son absolutely loves play dough and loved using these. The “syrup” is super messy though!
Enjoyable for both my kids
My kids are 5 years apart so it’s not exactly easy to get a toy that works for both of them. The only exception is Lego and play doh! This kit is so much fun and it’s made extra special by the sauces that it comes with. I really dislike it when the play doh colors get mixed, but it’s inevitable that it’s going to happen with this one. Either way this gets hours of play time.
Tons of fun!
My daughter got this as a birthday gift and she LOVES it! Only downside is that she is only 2 and the handle is a little difficult for her to press down by herself, but she’s getting better! She loves to make ice cream for us and her baby brother.
Great product
My daughter love to play with it. Basic product but she had great time with it. All plastic so have to be careful and keep an eye on her when she play with it. Would buy again ! Really fun.
Amazing my child loved it
I bought this product from ToysRus when it was on deal.And its amazing product to use for my toddler.Kids love play doh.
Play doh ice cream kit
I have had my children play with this toy. I had a extremely hard time getting all the play doh out of it toy to clean it out. The play doh gets stuck and it dries out.
We had a good time making the sundae. Only problem with young kids, is the sauce is super messy.
Kids love
My kids love this! Mama does not like as much as them ahah, I find the topping a little bit dirty to play and clean. The play doh is good quality like they used to.
Great product overall
The longevity of this toy is not very long but my daughter had a blast the time it lasted!
les enfants s'amusent bien
Mes enfants ont adoré ce set. ils font bcp appel à leurs imagination. par contre pas trés fan du sirop, je dois les surveiller de prés pour qu'ils le mangent pas
Fun for the kids
The ice cream press is still functional and in use. The Play Doh that came in contact with the messy "Drizzle" is a one time use. But the kids had fun squeezing the toppings on the sundaes they made.
Mes enfants ont adorés ce produit. Ils ont passé des heures à se partager la pâte à modeler et créer de jolis cornets.
not the strongest handle material
my kids played with this ice cream play-doh maker. they had tons of fun until the plastic piece that pushes the dough down broke. i was certainly not a huge fan of adding the goop to the play-doh, but to each their own.
My kids enjoy it
I think overall this is a great set. My kids really enjoyed it. I don't really like the sauce, as I find it to be a one time use and then have to throw out the playdoh after. But the actual set I do like. The kids of course do like to use the fake syrup, but as a mom, I am not a fan of that part.
My daughter loved it!
It’s very nice play doh set for the girls,my daughter loves play doh,and when it comes to the kitchen accessories she love them too,she like to cook and make cake for all of us

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