2.9 5 0 29 29 Training time straw training cup. Twist and click leak proof seal. BPA free.
Playtex Straw Training Cup
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Platex straw training cup
This is another one of platex's amazing products! Easy peasy to use . Easy for my toddler to learn to suck through a straw and doesn't spill. Get one for your child, or gift it you won't be disappointed.
Good for the time
These cups were given to us as a gift and we really liked them at first. They were great for holding and not spilling but were very difficult to clean. Once they got to dirty in certain areas we had to toss them.
Seems to leak
Have a problem with this leaking, though it might just be a defect in this particular one
Frustration to the max
No matter what we did they always leaked. I would expect it to lock
Great cup
This cup is designed very good. Easy to open and close, the straw is very soft for new learners. The size is perfect and the edges are very smooth. My baby grips it very easily. It is also very easy to clean and it comes in beautiful colours.
Leaky puddles
We had such a hard time with these cops! No matter what we did they always leaked! I purchased four different ones on different occasions and they all leaked. Would definitely not purchase this again.
Not for young babies
I bought this sippy cup because my son had graduated from bottles to sippy cups and I thought one with a straw would be less likely to leak. The problem was that he does not know how to suck on a straw. It says the cup is for 4 month+ but I don't think many babies can suck on a straw at that age. I bought the cup when my son was 8 months and currently he is 15 months and he still can't use a straw.
Pas trippé sur ce produit...quand on verse le couvercle, l'eau sort par la paille et ça mélange l'enfant de devoir tenir celui-ci en bas pour boire mais de devoir lever les autres gobelets pour boire.
I dont like this product tried to put the lid on and I had a hard time and when I thought I had it on its leaks all over my grand daughter I would not recommend this product to anyone
No babies here! No use for them but thanks. I'm have a 5 pound Yorkie though :)
I like the handles on the side as it made it easy for my toddler to use but the straw without having a weight or something on the end did not allow all the liquid to be drank.
The handles make the lid hard to get on. Ended up throwing the handles away. Really need to pay attention when putting lid one. Have had a lot of leaks. The size it great for my little one to hold and drink.
I bought the platex cup for my granddaughter. It is time for her to learn how to drinlk herself. it worked great for her and didnt spill all over
ma fille de 8 mois lutilise vraiment souvent a cause des petites poignées facile a tenir
I love this sippy cup for my daughter. She does well with any straw sippy so I got this one because it was smaller with handles. I have yet to have any problems with it leaking. I would definitely recommend this to friends. It would be nice if it included a brush to wash the straw parts, like the Dr Browns bottles maybe.

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