3.5 5 0 11 11 Designed with the help of a U.S. feeding specialist and aU.S. pediatrician, this cup promotes independent drinking skills.
PLAYTEX The First Sipster Trainer Cup
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We tried these out and didn't like them so much mainly because of the lack of handles making it hard to grip. They are cute and easy to clean. They also di not leak at all when tipped over.
Good cup
This is the first cup that I purchased for my daughter when she was a baby. I liked the handles so that she could grasp them. The only negative about this product is that I found it would leak. Other than that we were satisfied.
My son is still using this cup at 20 months and he loves it. Some of these cups he just can`t get used to. This one was a natural for both of my sons. I like the size of it and the fact that it has handles and is much easier to wash than some (ie Tommee Tippee that is sooo complicated!)
They work good. They are great for babies to hold on to, however they do leak if left upside down or on their side. Also babies who like to chew, chew through these in no time.
one of the few cups my son would use as it isn`t hard plastic and the handles are great!
This is a great sippy cup, easy to hold on to for little hand and built tough for babies who like to chew on the spout!
My 9 month old daughter loves this sippy cup! Its the only one she will use! I`ve also had these cups (or similar) for my other three children.
We use these all the time at my home daycare - the handles make it easy for the children to learn to hold.
playtex is a great,i have been using for my daughter
I just picked up this cup for my 4 month old, we have tried it once and he didn`t mind it but not quite ready. It doesn`t leak and that is a definite plus
The only sippy ,my son would take he loved it and so did i easy to clean and no spills
Wonderful looking little cup please send me a sample ty
Haven't tried this, wondering if my nephew would eat the straw like he has with others.
this would be so good for the little ones would love to try it
Never tried it but i would like to try it for my grand niece who is 10 months old

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