3.7 5 0 39 39 With Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner, you can safely and effectively clean wood, granite, stainless steel and electronics without fear or risk of damage
Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner
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I really like this for everyday dusting, it works well! it even works better on windows than other glass cleaners.
I use this on my wood furniture and it works well. Not overly ecstatic over the product, but it works well. I did not find that the scent to be pleasing.Pledge is our brand of choice, but I prefer the liquid spray.
I like that it is multi-surface, but I`m really not blown away by the quality of the product.
love plegde products,only using this on my furniture,great stuff
This is great works amazingly. Lives up to the hype!
This product works wonders. Smells great and keeps wood from collecting dust as fast.
I love this product on my wooden furniture and the scent it leaves behind
I love this product special on my stainless steel appliances and wooden furniture.
i love this cleaner, it is a staple in my house hold, not only can you use it on a variety of surfaces without streaking or smudging, the smell is fantastic! i would recommend this cleaner to anyone and everyone.
Multi surface pledge?!?! Please send me a sample ty
It would be great to reduce the amount of different cleaning products I have. A multi-service cleaner would be amazing! I would love to see if this is really up to the task.
Just a got a wood credenza that I don't want to ruin so am hoping that Pledge will deliver on it's promise!
this sound good never try this one but would like to try it
I want to try this product I hear lot ab8ut this if I will get chance 5o 4ry I will try this product
would like to try this product.because i am open to something new

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