3.7 5 0 39 39 With Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner, you can safely and effectively clean wood, granite, stainless steel and electronics without fear or risk of damage
Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner
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Love this product, it works great on every product,
as a building manager who spends the day cleaning this product works saves time and money
nope...dont like it. I have a full can under my sink. Was bought mainly for my cherrywood table. It leaves streaks EVERY time I used it. :(
Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner is a must have in my cleaning closet. Because it can be used on many different surfaces it saves time & money. I use it at home & on our boat.
I just started using this product and I love it! I cleaned the wood TV cabinet and them moved on to the lamp with the same product, same cloth! Wonderful!
love pledge nice product for the furniture,clean,breat stuff
I have tried Pledge Multi Surface and it is wonderful if you are a busy person and needs to clean fast! All you need is one cloth and this product for windows, dusting and cleaning your computer screen!
Who knew that purchasing this product would get my husband to clean!!! He loves polishing our furniture with this.
A little hard on the budget - though it is a product that works well.
Love this product. Works great on electronics and doesn`t leave a residue on surfaces.
One of the staple cleaners on my shopping list not only for my home but for the clients i clean for also! Luv it and the results
Great for dusting ALL surfaces, as stated. A little pricey but watch for sales! This stuff works great and smells fabulous. Gives you house a clean fresh scent.
I have tried the Pledge Multi-Surface. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces. I have tried it on glass, wood and counter tops. I was surprised that it worked well on glass. It didn`t leave any residue or streaks. It`s hard to find a window cleaner that can do that. While wiping my counters with it I was wishing the wipes were a bit bigger and thicker. But it did do well. There are many other surfaces it can be used on also. They are safe to use on all woods too.It`s a nice product because there is no need to buy more than one product for different surfaces you have to clean. It works on wood, metal, glass, mirrors, electronics, plastic, porcelain, granite and pretty much any hard surface in your home. In my opinion they work really well. I personally like that it comes in a spray. I like using my own rags and now that I can use one products it`s even better.
This is a wonderful product for different surfaces. It wooks great on everything. I love using it on the glass topped , wooden coffee tables. No need to change from one cleaner to another. The all in one duster, cleaner. Loving it.
I love Pledge Muliti Surface Everyday Cleaner! It`s so versatile and it means that I don`t have to drag out a bunch of different cleaners to do my cleaning. Wonderful product that I highly recommend!

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