3.7 5 0 39 39 With Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner, you can safely and effectively clean wood, granite, stainless steel and electronics without fear or risk of damage
Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner
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Love this product. Cleaning is easier with this product but i prefer use another product for windows
Not a big fan of this product at all. Found it very streaky every where I used it...
I like how it cleans but would love to find it in another scent besides lavender. Yucky smell, great cleaner.
I love using this product to clean my windows and mirrors. It leaves these surfaces clean and streak-free.
I use this faithfully!! I have a black glass tv stand and this makes it shine.
I have always bought pledge but really like this because I can use it on so many other things now!!
I just bought this for the first time and i love it. cleans so well and doesnt leave streaks.
I this product! I literally use it everywhere, and it works amazingly. It leaves the house smelling great, for quite awhile. I`ve always been a fan of Pledge, and this product is no exception.
I have always been a fan of pledge and I love it even more now that I can use it on just about anything
I love how this product doesn`t leave a film on my furniture like other products do and the scent is pleasant.
Love the convince of one cleaner for everything...
This product works great on glass,wood, and has a really great scent!
I love this Pledge... i use it on my stainless steel , wood, and best of all its smell isnt too strong.
This works like a charm. I love that I don`t have to keep grabbing some other product to keep cleaning. It does it all.
love itreal good product use all the time. Cleans all surface

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