4.4 5 0 54 54 100% whole wheat Shreddies comes with crunchy clusters, almonds, and just the right amount of sweetness.
Post Shreddies Granola Almond
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good good whole wheat
who does not like plan old shreddies they are a staple in every pantry
My favorite for the breakfast. It is so tasty and delicious. My morning can't go without this product.
I love the crunchy clusters this cereal contains. It definitely adds flavour to the cereal.
Amazing flavour great as a snack or with milk for breakfast.
I am not a real fan of Shreddies, but I do like to bake with them. They are great to add to a "snack" mix. But otherwise I do no like them on the one.
Absolute favourite shreddies, everyone eats this can't keep it in the house! Yum
I love Shreddies. The added almonds and clusters are delicious!
I love Shreddies! But this has become my absolute favourite. Great combination of flavours. However, it seems to have disappeared from stores. Which is a shame cause it's awesome!
So I'm a huge fan I have tried these and very good combo and kind of on the expense end but I wait till their on sale
I liked all the different textures from the mix of Shreddies, granola and almonds. It definitely is crunchy. The flavour was tasty. However, I found it too sweet for my liking.
Shreddies doesn't disappoint! Love the added granola and almonds for that bonus crunch. Also, it didn't get soggy when I added milk- the cereal stayed crunchy to the end.
A Shreddies fan for years but this new product just adds a nice touch of difference as well as making it a more interesting flavour.
Honestly, I'm not a fan. There's really nothing wrong with it that likes the taste, but I wasn't for me.
OMG. So I normally eat other types of cereal but when I noticed it contained almonds I was HOOKED! They are so delicious and crunchy. I like how the cereal doesn't get soggy after you pour milk into it, its crunchy till the last bite. I bought at Walmart for under 4 bucks. Such a great deal
Good Good whole grain Shreddies! :) Shreddies never disappoints

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