4.4 5 0 459 459 Biotrue® Eye Drops deliver instant natural hydration and are clinically proven to provide long lasting moisture and dry eye relief.
Preservative-Free Biotrue Eye Drops
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Great product
Love this stuff works awesome. If u have dry eyes get it
No more Dry Eye
It was just a trial based and it work great for when I needed it
I recieved this to try and after a long tired day I had to go out. I used it and instantly felt refreshed and energized. My eyes didn't feel dry anymore and I was able to feel confident and less tired!
Really hydrates my eyes
I recently tried a sample of Bio True eye drops and I was completely blown away! I have dry eyes and have tried many brands of drops trying to keep them hydrated. These are one of the few drops that did not irritate my eyes more and the only one to provide immediate and long lasting relief. They can even be used while wearing contacts! I had practically stopped wearing contacts because it dries my eyes out too much but now I can comfortably wear them all day and not just for a a few hours for a special event.
Love how these drops address dryness!
I have trouble with dry eyes & tried these, with instant results! I don't like putting anything chemical into my body, so this was a wonderful remedy. My eyes feel so much better!
It really adds relief and Im a contact lense wearer. Its light and perfect travel size. You can bring anywhere with your daily needs
This is a great product I feel like I did very well compared to a lot of the similar products in this industry. Feels very nice in my eyes I moisturize
Geat eye drops!
I suffer from really dry eyes and this really helped me combat that. I use it 2 times a day and it had helped me tremendously!
Awesome product, really loved using it!! Definitely would buy again!
Best product today eyes
It’s very good product, helps me to have my eyes blinking easy .
Dry eyes no more!
Immediately, I felt a difference in my eyes, moisturizing and very refreshing.
Amazing Eye Drops For Dry Eyes
I am very happy to have tried this product, It is competitive in pricing but leads in quality!
Very good!
This eye contact solution works great. I've been having problem with my contact due to my dry eyes but after using this product I can feel the difference.
Answered question
I an skeptical buying before because I have a very sensitive eyes, I used a product before that stings my eyes. The “preservative free” caught my attention and when I tried I was surprised it didn’t sting at all!
My go to
I first tried this solution as a free trial with my optometrist visit in October and find it is the best contact solution available. My eyes are sensitive and I find there is no stinging.

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