4.4 5 0 420 420 Biotrue® Eye Drops deliver instant natural hydration and are clinically proven to provide long lasting moisture and dry eye relief.
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Finally - eye comfort!
I have finally found a product that is gentle enough for my very sensitive eyes! There’s no irritation, and my eyes feel comfortable - even during allergy season!
Great for sensitivity!
I was recommended this product by an ophthalmologist when my eyes started getting so dry, I started experiencing photosensitivity. The drops really helped and I would highly recommend them for anyone with issues concerning dry eyes.
Great for extreme dry eyes
I have dry eyes,dust and allergens give me itchy or lack of moisture.This product helps restore the natural tear fluids in my eyes.It is a very helpful product,that I recommend if you have very dry eyes.
Dry eyes!!
I love this product!!!! I’ve just turned the big 50!!! And the past 5 years my eyes have been getting dryer!!!!ive finally found a product that gives me the relief I was looking for!!!!! Thank you!!!:)
Kept my eyes feeling fresh
Love these eye drops. No more gritiness throughout the day. Feels so nice when you put them in your eyes. Very hydrating.
Moist eyes project
The eyedrops is very natural it leaves a nice layer of the liquid on the eyes without the liquid dripping out of the eyes and onto the face. I really like how my eyes look dreamy, hydrated, moist, shiny and feels smoother.
Excellent Product
This product is great. I use it daily with my contacts so they stay clear and moist all throughout the day
I get very dry itchy eyes just from weather and dust and these eye drops absolutely took the itching and dryness away.. totally recommend to friend and to all!
Dry eyes?... Not Anymore!!
I have severely dry eyes, especially in the beginning of the winter and summer! After using this product I instantly felt relief and comfort. Just a couple drops makes a world of difference! I am so happy I tried this product, it's definitely worth it!
Really Helps
I've used Bausch & Lomb products for as long as I can remember. Only in the past few years however, I realized that I have DRY EYES. So this was the first product I tried to help gain some relief. It did help right away and lasted a long time. It didn't irritate my eyes either. I would definitely recommend this product to others!
Two thumbs up
I have tried and I use this product works great and have nothing but good to say about this product
Works great no problems here I absolutely love this
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A good solution for dry eyes
I have been wearing contacts for 6 years now and my eyes get really dry. I used this and it's really helped me preventing dry eyes and gives relief. I a really happy with this purchase.
Love Bio True Eye Drops
During the summer season I've always had a tough time with dry, itchy eyes. I've tried many different products to try to get some relief, but Bio True Eye Drops definitely work the best. I felt almost immediate relief after putting the drops in and my eyes felt good for a long period of time.

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