4.4 5 0 460 460 Biotrue® Eye Drops deliver instant natural hydration and are clinically proven to provide long lasting moisture and dry eye relief.
Preservative-Free Biotrue Eye Drops
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My go to
I first tried this solution as a free trial with my optometrist visit in October and find it is the best contact solution available. My eyes are sensitive and I find there is no stinging.
Best eye lubricant
I have been using this product since last year and so far this is the best eye lubricant. I have used other tear drops and lubricants but in Canadian dry weather biotrue Works well.
My son love it
Didn't burned eye left the lences clean and hydrated for long
great product
I get very dry eyes during the cold-weather season so I decided to pick this up and give it a try they work great with and without contacts
Feel so refreshing from the other saline solution. It’s soft and leave the lens more comfortable on the eyes.
Love it!
I am very picky with eyedrops as my eyes are very sensitive, with the no preservative product there was no stingy feeling experienced and kept my eyes well moistened.
my favourite
This is stops itchy eyes immediately. Very easy to use.
Helped Me With My Sensitivities!
Not only do I have the contacts from this company, but i also have these eye drops and they seem to be a product that don't irritate my sensitive eyes like other products on the market have. They're easy to use, and provide the relief I need from my repetitively dry eyes.
Great and good for eyes
I used this product ever since i started wearing contacts. I feel theyre great for the durability and cleanliness. It lasts a long time and is a good amount. I would reccomend it
The best
I’ve used this eye drop since i always use contact lenses and my eyes feel so dry sometimes ! It’s a really good one to keep the water on eyes!
Not to bad
Not the best eye drops, I would recommend the leading brands over this one, still not terrible
Works for me
This was recommended to me by my optical store and I've been using this ever since! My eyes tend to be more on the sensitive side and this doesn't irritate it at all. Definitely gentle and works as promised!
My eyes are super picking about the contact lens solution that i use. This is by far the best yet - extremely moisturizing and soothing. My eyes literally feel relief when i put on my contact lens in the morning now!
Love these!
Had super dry and irritated eyes and I grabbed these drops to try. They helped very quickly and gave me relief. I love the single dose vials to help prevent contamination of the bottles because it can happen so easily. I will definitely recommend these!
Amazing relief!
I've tried several drops for my dry eyes, without a doubt this are the best ones I've gotten, they keep my eyes hydrated for much longer than any other brands have!

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