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Pringles Tortillas
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These chips were an amazing snack! They are packed with flavour and a nice change from the regular pringles flavors!
Pringles is by far my most favorite chips brand. I always love trying new flavors and this one was so good, as I expected.
I love this product. Tortilla chips are one of my favorite snacks, but these are so much better. Light, crispy and with a bit of spice so you dont need salsa.
Great tasting just that little kick they makes u want to eat more
Happened to try this as an in-store sample and would usually not purchase a product like this. Enjoyed it and liked it as soon as tried it. Great flavor, not too strong or salty and has a little kick of heat to it. This will be a staple in our house from now on.
These are my favourite flavour of Pringles. Love the texture also. They are a little salty, but what potato chip isn't
I have always loved pringles. They are childhood favorite. Their new tortilla chip itself is amazing thatI actually would prefer these next to the original. The zesty Ranch are so good that you cant stop at one. The kids and I fight over them all the time! Definitely will continue to buy these.
They weren't the best tortilla chips I've tasted. I wouldn't buy the again.
I did like them but would rather Pringles regular flavours and for Tortillas I think I'll stick to the bagged ones.
Thought these were gross. I think if want tortillas i stick to the bag ones.
I can't stop at 20 chips- have to eat them all. A lot more satisfying than regular Pringles, and lighter than my usual brand. Wish I could eat these every day without gaining weight! Love them.
So Good, love them! They are a great snack. I eat the whole thing in one sitting. So addicting!
Pretty good, can't eat a ton, but good for a small snack.
I love them, they are delicious. The flavour is tangy with a nice, light taco crunch.
Horrible and dry. Could not finish them. I wouldn't buy them again.

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