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Pringles Tortillas Nacho Cheese
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Not the greatest for texture
Who doesn't love the sound of Popping the lid on a Pringles can? This time, the excitement decreased after a few tastes. Just something off on the texture that does not feel like a tortillas chip.
Pringles-Can't just eat one
I usually portion chips into a bowl or with Pringles take a stack and put the can away. With these I find I want to go back for more more often than with some other products. They are quite tasty.
These were a little confusing to my senses; the flavour of a tortilla chip with the texture of a Pringle. I didn't find them good for dipping like a regular tortilla chip as they just crumbled like a Pringle. Overall, not a bad snack, but I would likely stick with regular Pringles.
Was super excited when I saw these but a little disappointed when I tried them. They are good I just find the original Pringles have way more flavour and crunch. Family members really like them.
Hubby's new favourite snack! The flavour is a hit, and the can is a great way to keep them fresh between snacks.
LOved the taste and so did my kids who couldn't put it down.
these are really tasty, but they weren't crispy enough. still, i would recommend this snack
This is super tasty, i definitely share this as its too good not to share
I love tortilla chips of any kind and when I tried these I loved them... very cheesy and the texture it great too! Will be buying these again for sure!
I LOVE the new tortilla pringles as I feel they fell like your getting more in your mouth by eating them one by one as for regular I would end up eating them two at a time. I also love the flavours a they are well coated on the chips. Finally, I love them being in a tube as with traditional tortilla chips being in the bag they are usually pretty crushed by the time I get them home.
These are delicious when heated up and dipped in salsa.
These are really good compares to Tostitos and price is reasonable
These chips are okay. There a good snack, but not my favorite.
These are my fav chips! Crunchy and cheesy....perfect combination.
So addicting and full of flavouful!!! I can't stop eating just one pringle....

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