4.8 5 0 98 98 Sri Lankan Ceylon black tea with bergamot citrus notes
Pure Leaf Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea
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Good tea
Easy to make, just add to a teapot or infuser. Flavourful. A bottle lasts a fairly long time. I would buy it again.
Great Grocery Store Tea
I'm a big fan of earl grey tea and this tea hits the spot. It has lots of flavour and no bitterness that I've experienced with other cheap grocery store teas. I will buy this tea again.
Classic Earl Grey Taste
I was originally introduced to Earl Grey tea by my grandmother. I've since learned that there are some really bad Earl Grey's out there. Pure Leaf Earl Grey is not one of them - I found it to have the classic Early Grey flavour that I love, as well as the lovely aroma! I really like that Pure Leaf is beginning to offer loose leaf options.
Délicieux thé
Ce thé en feuilles de Pure Leaf est tout simplement délicieux avec beaucoup plus de goût que le thé en sachet. J'aime l'utiliser avec ma théière Bodum et toutes les variétés que j'ai essayé ont vraiment beaucoup de goût. L'essayer c'est l'adopter.
Tried this for the first time when my Tassimo machine died and keep buying it. It tastes so much better than tea bags and tea makers. Buy it once and you're hooked.
I love this relatively new product. If you have not tried it, you should. I like all their products.
I love loose leaf tea and it's a good price. I will try more varieties.
I spotted Pure Leaf Earl Grey tea one day at my grocery store. I'm addicted to tea, so you know I had to give it a try. No disappointment here. The aroma and taste were amazing. Who needs coffee to wake up the aroma a lone would wake anyone up. I recommend this to all tea lovers.
This tea is delicious! Highly recommend it to all ta lovers.
I really enjoyed the crisp flavour and the wonderful floral aroma of this zesty tea. It is every bit as good as or better than most teas I've purchased at specialty stores. Definitely will buy again.
I received this product for free for testing and reviewing purposes I love it tastes great goes down smoothly surely need this product on a cold winters day or night to keep warm and toasty it's great to be offered products to test before you buying them that way you know if you like the product or not I surely like this one
Having been to Sri Lanka and tasted the tea there and comparing with pure leaf it is pretty close to living up ot its claim that it is tea from Sri Lanka Great taste and very soothing
This is the best leaf tea I have tied to date. I have been a steep tea drinker for 40 years. I love, love, love it.
Taste is just fantastic, it's a good product. I tried it at a friend house but will definitely buy for my home.
It is a good tasting tea, I really enjoyed it. Price is fair for loose leaf tea if you think of it costs at specialty shops.

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