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Pure Leaf™ Lemon
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This is the best iced tea I can find in a bottle, the other brands all seem too sweet.
My Go To
This is my go to drink! It is the perfect mix of tea, lemon and sweetness. If i could change one thing it would be the shape of the bottle as it doesn't fit well into my cup holder in my vehicle. I suggest this product all the time
Too sweat
I always get this at subway thinking it's the less sugary alternative to pop - only to be sorely disappointed every time I take the first sip. It's just so so sweet. You can hardly taste the tea.
Tastes like REAL sweet tea
This my fave brand of iced tea! Tastes like home brewed tea, perfect strength and sweetness. Pomegranate is my favorite flavor which is one of their newer flavors.
Lemon Leaf
This lemon tea was ok. I found it a bit too bitter for my liking. It was however, refreshing on a hot summer day!
I love it
I find PureLeaf Iced Tea even better than Nestea's Ice Tea. It's made from actual Tea Leafs, tastes very genuine too, does taste like actual tea, doesn't taste artificial, isn't too sweet and I can even taste the slight bitterness of green tea too
Just like lemon tea!
My dad and I really.like this iced tea! It taste like freshly brewed tea with a squeeze of a fresh lemon. It is not sweet at all and does not taste artificial. I like to grab these on the go.
Ice tea
Specifically my daughter...ice tea lover...drinks this almost daily...the school she goes to carries this and she buys this at lunch and I buy the larger size for at home!!Raspberry and peach tend to be the favourites around this place!!
Love it!
Love the taste, not too sweet, not too bitter. It's always my go-to for tea.
Cette sorte de thé glace est parfaite! Bon goût de thé, pas trop sucré non plus. C’est parfait pour les journées chaudes d’été. Très rafraîchissant. J’aime autant celui au citron qu’à la framboise!
Ice T
More of a tradition Iced T , with classic real tea taste. hint of lemon.. yummy :)
Un bon goût de thé
Les thés glacés préserve rarement le gout unique du thé, mais ici, Pure Leaf parvient à le faire de main de maître. On goûte la qualité du produit, faisant de celui-ci une boisson dans une catégorie à part!
Very natural tea flavour!
I thoroughly enjoyed this product and as I found it very refreshing with a natural light lemon tea flavour. It wasn't too sweet it was perfect and taste. Served excellent on ice!
even my son likes it
I bought this for me and I went to the cupboard only to find that there was only 2 left. My son likes pop so was super surprised that he like this as well. I like the packaging as well it makes it like an adult drink you can take to the office and not a juice box. You can really taste the lemon but not over powering I would buy it again for sure.
Tasty but a hint of artificial lemon taste
Pure Leave Lemon is quite fresh tasting. The flavour is a bit sweet and the lemon tastes a bit artificial.

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