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Pure Leaf™ Lemon
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This is my new favourite drink! It reminds me of sweet tea in Atlanta Georgia...which is the best iced tea I have ever had in my life. The raspberry flavour is my absolute fav.
I like this iced tea because you don't get that over powering sweetness taste. You get a nice light and more natural taste.
I love this Iced Tea, it has a natural light flavour that is close to homemade and the bonus is, it is low in calories!
Love the natural flavor of the tea without the added sugar and the delightful hint of lemon makes it a great tasting iced tea
Has a great flavor - closest to homemade that I have tried - lemon is my favorite
Finally a tea that's refreshing and not too sweet! All flavours are really good, but lemon is my fave
Love that it's not too sweet, and that it's not artificially sweetened. Has a great taste.
It has a homemade taste to it, just not sure about the lemon taste
so good finally an ice tea that tastes like ice tea
i really enjoyed the tasted and it does make other ice tea look bad:) i really enjoyed the sugar free flavor...
Very delicious and refreshing for an unsweetened iced tea. Natural flavour and taste is thirst quenching.
This drink is so refreshing. Love the taste of the tea and the lemon after taste. Great on a hot day.
c est vraiment un vrai bon thé qui gout le thé rien a voir avec les boisson qui porte le nom de thé glacé mais qui goute le sucre.
Refreshing, healthy, and "in". I recently tried Pure Leaf Lemon and Rasberry and they are perfect in the mornings, on-the-go or with your meals. I have fully substituted this product for any other iced teas in the market.
J’adore le thé. Je ne connais pas ce produit, mais j’aimerais bien l’essayer .Merci

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