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Pure Leaf™ Lemon
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Tasty but a hint of artificial lemon taste
Pure Leave Lemon is quite fresh tasting. The flavour is a bit sweet and the lemon tastes a bit artificial.
One of my fave ice teas!
This is a very lemony flavour. I really enjoy drinking this iced tea. It's a great product. I like the variety of flavors too. I wish i could find it more often I recommend this!
Thoroughly enjoy on a regular basis
Love this and all the Pureleaf products from day one. Tasty.
I absolutely love this iced tea! It quenches my thirst and is lovely with a meal or on its own. Probably the best store bought iced tea I have had to date. Love it!!
Nice Ice Tea
I’m a real Ice Tea Connoisseur and I found this tea to be delicious. If you are looking for that taste of homemade ice tea, this is your drink! I’d definitely recommend it!
Real tea
I like Pure Leaf tea as it made with real tea and tastes good. The lemon adds a nice flavour to the tea and overall not too sweet (or sour).
Great Taste
I always go for the iced tea when we are at a fast food restaurant. If this brand is available I always choose it. I like the shape of the bottle, which is important to me and good marketing on their behalf. Most importantly, I love the taste.
Thristquench Punch
This pure leaf tea medoly is so refreshing and satisfying. What a nice drink for any occasion.
I discovered this a couple weeks ago great flavor nice and refreshing
meilleur thé
J'adore les thé glacée de Pure Leaf. Je trouve que c'est un bon rafraîchissement quand tu as soif ou tu as chaud. La saveur est super présente. Je trouve que contrèrement au au autre thé glacée elle goûte plus le vrai thé. Les autres sont bonne mais je trouve qu'elle goûte plus l'eau
Love this iced tea
I buy this product often, I find it refreshing and always quenches my thirst, it's not too sweet just perfect. I would recommend this iced tea.
Hate teas but this I can drink non stop. Thank for sales 2for4 Bux can't complain
pure leaf lemon iced tea
i love the herbal taste in this iced tea especially on summer days.
My fave!
I buy pure leaf every day on my way to work, keeps me happy and hydrated
My New Favourite
This is an amazing iced tea. It actually tastes like tea. It is a bit pricey but great as an occasional treat. Highly recommended. Even my mother likes it. Five stars for me.

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