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Pure Leaf™ Lemon
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Delicious iced tea
Iced tea isn’t something I drink much of anymore, but it used to be my go-to beverage 90% of the time and this brand was the one I’d choose anytime I was at a gas station or on a road trip. It’s a thirst quenching, refreshing, classic taste. Price point is about average. Stocked at basically any grocery or convenience type store
This is the iced tea I drink regularly. So good and not overly sweet
Very refreshing
I don't buy Cola or bottled water and have found that this iced tea is my favorite among the many that are available. When on road trips I can rely on finding this at all gas stations.
my go to
This is my go to drink whether I'm in lectures, eating or walking around the mall. I love how it doesn't taste like sugary iced tea but literally iced tea. I does have an acquired some may not like but I'd recommend it to anyone.
Has a stronger tea flavor than other iced teas, but that is what i love about this iced tea over the others.
Lemon flavor
I tried the lemon flavor, and it s the best on the market, not too sweet. Even better during the summer.
The Tea for Me
I tried this tea out on a whim last summer. I’m normally not a fan of cold teas but for the price I thought hey, might as well give it a try. Much to my surprise it was unlike any other cold tea I have tried. Maybe it’s the lemon but it’s just the perfect mix for me. It’s not super sweet like a juice but also not bland like a regular tea. I will continue to purchase this tea as it’s just so good it’s almost addciting. Such a nice refreshing drink on a summers day.
Looks better than it tastes
I had high hopes when trying this tea. It was much sweeter than I felt it needed to be...but tasted different than other iced teas, it's hard to articulate the flavour..but the tea flavour was different than other ice teas. Lemon ice tea is one of my favourites but not from this brand. Highly disappointed. I had a coupon when I originally purchased. I would not purchase again, even if it were free. Stick to the classics
Refreshing, but too sweet
The taste is nice, refreshing, and I like how you can really taste the tea. However, it is much too sweet to drink unless I dilute it with water.
Lemon isn’t my favourite
I like the concept of real tea but not a fan of the lemon flavouring. Less sweetener would be good too.
This is a great ice tea. It tastes great with the combination of tea and lemon, the flavour is amazing and I enjoy it in summer with my family.
I love the flavours this product comes in as well as this flavour. It is delicious.
Amazing Ice Tea, perfect flavour and so refreshing on a hot day.
I enjoyed drinking the Pure Leaf Lemon, The lite tasting tea with lemon is very refreshing. Pure Leaf is just that hot or cold it is pure tea NO chemicals or bitter taste.
The flavour of this drink is incredible. It is so refreshing and crisp. One of my favourite oced teas by far. Wish the price was a little lower.

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