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Pure Leaf™ Lemon
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This is by far the best ice tea I've tried. You get the taste of tea (which isn't strong) and the the subtle hint of lemon. It's great on a hot day and very refreshing. I've also tried the Raspberry flavour and it's really nice as well. Not too sweet.
Great taste, very refreshing, and quenches my thirst. Tastes natural instead of artificial.
J'aime vraiment ce thé, il goûte vraiment le thé, pas sucré, j'adore. C'est très raffraichissant l'été.
I dont like the sugar in the tea. But it is refreshing. Nice alternative drink to pick up on the go once in a while. I wouldnt drink this often because of the sugar though.
Un des très bon thé glacé sur le marché! On goûte vraiment le goût du thé et non d’arômes artificiels. En plus, il n'est pas trop sucré. Excellent!
I really liked the flavor, it wasn't overpowering. I have never liked iced tea, I always had my tea hot. I tried another brand of iced tea and liked it then I tried pure leaf and liked it a lot better.
Iced tea that is refreshing, not too sweet and has a true tea flavour!
I love this iced tea!! So refreshing! And great taste! It keeps me hydrated!
My most favourite iced teas yet! Lemon peach and raspberry!! Love love love!!
Great tasting ice tea! Very refreshing & thirst quenching. Excellent drink at a reasonable price. Worth trying for sure!
I drink a lot of ice tea and i like to try new brand,so when i saw it,i bought it on the spot.One of the best bottle ice tea i never drank.I also tried their green tea and it's amazing!
I love it and im drinking it at the moment and it tastes great and refreshing
Loved it. Traditional ice tea flavour. Refreshing for those hot summer days.
I love the taste of this product. I enjoy that it isn't too sweet and tastes more like tea than other similar products
This is really good- you won't be able to drink any other bottled ice tea after this- tastes natural; no chemical taste.

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