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Purely Inspired® Collagen Peptides
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Good product...
A good product median price range depending where you shop. Great benefits to using this for joints and other things as well it’s great that’s it’s vegetarian friendly!
Such a difference in my hair, skin and nails!
A friend recommended I try Purely Inspired Collagen Peptides, after I complained about how brittle my nails have gotten. I started putting a spoonful in my coffee each morning, and after about 3-4 weeks of daily use, started seeing big changes. My skin is clearer, my hair is growing quickly, and my nails are thick, strong and long. I had no issues dissolving the powder in my coffee, and I couldn't detect the collagen at all. I've since been recommending it to friends and family, and plan to continue using it myself.
Notice that it doesn't dissolve really easily do you like coffee or tea but it does help reduce joint pain
worth trying!
I purchased this at walmart and really enjoyed it, however it was a little pricey at the time. If you can find a sale on it it is definitely worth it to buy. The taste is great and it helps fill you up until the next meal.
would use again
I've used collagen powder for about 3years now and find it helps my nails, skin and hair. This product does not dissolve as well as another I've used but like because of its size (good for my 2 week travel agree with other reviewer it could be packaged in a smaller container), price is competitive with others on the market. I don't find any bad taste but I use in my coffee in the morning.
love it
love this product, it's great on my skin. I recommand to all
Excellent Product
Bought this to add to my morning tea. Blends smoothly, creamy taste, no grit. Only wish the container was filled better-it came barely half full. (which is why I only gave it 4 stars. It's not cheap, so either use a smaller container so it looks full, or add more to the current container)
Did not notice a difference. Tried other Brands they worked better
Decent little supplement
I have only been using this for a little while, about 3 weeks, but I already see an improvement in my skin and hair.
Covered so many needs. Allowed me to get quality results for so many things.
Quite good
I bought this for my daughter because she wanted to try it. She really liked it and suggested I try it due to my RA. I was very surprised how well it tasted. We will buy it again.
Works well
My hair and nails have definitely improved I like that it has no flavor but it would be nice to try some that do have flavor definitely does what it says it does
I’ve started putting this in my morning coffee every day! I can see the difference in my nails big time. My nails are much stronger with way less chipping and peeling. I will definitely continue to use this product.
Probably works well but.....
I bought this because it was available from walmart. I tried it and it probably works well ..... if you can get past the horrid lingering aftertaste.
I'd like to try this out. It sounds interesting and I like trying out new things.

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