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Purex Dirt Lift Action Baby
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Great Detergent
I like using this for my daughters laundry and also for my clothes as well. It smells great and it cleans well too.
Mom approved
Having a baby means finding the best product in the market. I recommend purex dirt lift action baby for doing great job in cleaning and being gentle with my babies clothes. Coming out the laundry fresh and clean and light scented.
Oh baby
I like this product. I started using it when my kids were small and still use it on certain things. It works well 👍 and doesn't have an overpowering smell. I would recommend it to others for sure.
Great product
I've tried a few baby detergents but this one is definitely my favorite one. It smells soo good and leaves my daughter's clothes clean and super soft.
Gentle yet powerful
It is a really good product for you tiny ones clothes. I have been using it for 7 months since my baby was born. And it didn't give him any rush at all despite the fact that he has a sensitive skin. And also it takes the stains away
Works well
My son is unable to use most detergents that are scented due to sensitive skin issues . Yay, yay, yay for Purex’s baby soft detergent! The detergent works well, has a nice light scent and my son has not reacted to it at all. If you have sensitive skin I would recommend that you try this and see if it works as well for you as it has for us.
All stains gone !
Best detergent ever gets all the stains out without the scrubbing! 😊😊😊😊
Love this Detergent
Are use this detergent on pretty much all our clothes when we have no other option it leaves my clothes smelling great removes poop and puke stains off my babies clothing. I highly recommend.
Love the Scent
This is a great gentle laundry soap that removes stains well and works in cold water and with HE machines. I love the subtle scent as well.
Great baby detergent
Purex is one of the best baby detergents out there. It is always priced great and there are always online coupons available for an even better price. It leaves the clothes feeling very soft and smelling sweet like a baby. The smell is not very overpowering which is great. Overall great detergent.
Mild laundry detergent
This is one of very few detergents I can use for my 1 year old son, he has bad eczema like me and needs a detergent that does not contain enzymes such as this one. I recommend this detergent for anyone who has sensitive skin and needs mild laundry soap.
Love the smell
Smells great, not sickly sweet, but like a clean baby. Doesn’t bother my husbands allergies like anything with perfume. And gets laundry clean without using much
Perfect to clean newborn/baby clothes
I have been using this baby detergent since prior to my daughter's birth. We used it to clean all her clothes, towels and blankets. We love that it is perfect for newborn/baby's skin. It is a more affordable detergent compared to others.
Great Product
I use this for my infant's clothes...it is gentle and has a very light scent...and a decent price, unlike the other infant laundry detergents...I love it
Perfect for Baby Clothes
I love this soap! Used it on all my children's clothes until I was confident their skin was tough enough to handle regular laundry soap. Used it with cold water wash each time and it washed out those formula stains and overall infant/toddler mess.

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