4.3 5 0 99 99 Purex with Oxi combines the proven performance of Purex detergent with the dirt lift action. This powerful combination works to get tough stains out the first time.
Purex Dirt Lift Action Oxi Plus Liquid Detergent
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always love laundry detergent with oxi
Oxi makes everything cleaner. The clothes smells and feels especially clean when the laundry detergent has oxi in it. Can also be used to pretreat clothes with some stain. very handy and effective.
Good All Round Detergent
Pretty good all round detergent. Works well on stains, but may need to do concentrated amounts on heavy duty or older stains. Leaves a pleasant scent and rinses clean.
Good product
I have been using this product for almost a year now. And I really like. It remove the stains and it really last for a long time.
Hubby works in the oil field this detergent does lift heavy stains
C’est le mieux produit pour les vêtements
C’est le mieux produit pour les vêtements, je recommande a tout.
Very good product
This product is very affordable and is just as good with the OxiClean in it. My whites come out white, and everything greasy, (I work in plumbing, electrical, and heating) my jeans come out really good too.
No rash 😁
My family including myself usually have redness, rash, itching, &/or hives when switching laundry detergents. It’s nice to finally have little to no redness or itching.
Only deterget that works for me
Im in awe! Ive tried the popular brand names detergent and they work good but this purex detergent works really really good. I love that i dont need to use bleach and fabric softener because it does wonder. Highly recommended!
Good Stain fighter
This is a great product to help fight stains. I have 4 kids at home and this soap helps combat the stains they make. Like the smell of this product.
Purex Dirt Lift Action Oxi Plus Liquid Detergent is great at it's job and I love the way everything smells after I wash with it.
it work
i try it and it clean my kids clothes and my too.!!
Oxi clean
Bought this as it was on sale and we have coupons. Reading reviews that it really removed stains, but didn’t quite work for us. Have to soak the clothes with oxi powder then wash again. It was nice we tried
Très bon produit
Tout comme le Purex en eau froide, celui-ci est semblable avec un petit plus pour les taches tenaces. Fait un très bon travail et de plus, bon rapport qualité/prix. Je l'utilise souvent et vous le recommande
This product takes stains out quite well. I would buy this again.
I love how this product makes the white dirty laundry look like never used before. My husband's white clothes are just super clean and so white.

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