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Quaker Chewy Peach Fruit Crumble
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Go to snack for my daughter
I just purchased this yesterday from Walmart. It was a flavour I've never seen before and thought I'd give it a try. My daughter and husband can't get enough. The box is almost finished. It has a light peach flavour and doesn't taste too sweet. Perfect snack to give your kids for school and it's nut-free too.
Great snack
Great snack for one the go!! Great peach taste!! Good with yogurt
Très bon goût
Ça se prend bien comme petite collation. Le goût est bon mais pas assez consistant. Mon fils l’adore!!
My favourite use to be the Apple Quaker until they came out with Peach....Holy smokes....I am in love with these granola Bars...They usually ate on my weekly grocery list!
Too dry
Taste was okay but the dryness interfered with the taste
At least my kids like them!
I bought these hoping that I would enjoy them add much add I do the apple flavor but sadly, I was disappointed. The taste is almost synthetic and that doesn't appeal to me. But hey, my kids liked them!
Pretty Good
I bought a few different types of Quaker granola bars for a camping trip this summer and Peach Fruit Crumble was one of them. I thought they were ok but not as good as apple crisp, chocolate chip and my favourite S'mores. I would buy them again and I hope that Quaker continues to bring out new varieties.
It was OK!
We have always had Quaker granola bars in our household, this has to be all of our least favourite flavours. I personally LOVE apple anything, but this just wasn't the greatest. I would eat it again, however I would not purchase it again.
Crumbly Goodness!
I am a huge fan of Quaker products and so when they launched these Chewy Peach Fruit Crumble bars, I was really excited to try them out. They have a great texture and taste. I like that they are made with real fruit, low in sugar and don't have any sugar alcohols. A delicious snack to take on the go or to just curb my hunger for a few hours!
Soooo Yummy!
I swear! no joke! if I got like a crate full of these in different flavours, I could and totally would survive for months! they are soooo good and so worth buying even if you are like, "Hmmm should I buy these? I dunno... I've got a lot of stuff in the basket..." NO ... buy them! try them! dude, even if you are unsure of trying the 60 bar box, just grab one that's got the 8 bars it's like 1 - 2$ you can totally afford it. One thing about chewy bars that always really got me down was how much sometimes it would hurt to chew through because there was SOO much chewing involved, but these guys have a nice balance of chewy but cronchy and also not painful chewy or cronchy.
Dry, sweet and crumbly
We decided to take these as part of our picnic in the boat. I found them extremely sweet and dry. Not to mention the fact that they were so crumbly the kids couldn't even eat them without them falling all over the floor. Not the best granola bar in my opinion.
My son love them
My son loves them. I bought them for the first time last week. I wasn't sure how he would like them. He ended up lovong them and asked me to buy more.
Peachy goodness
We loved the new crumble flavour for granola bars. My kids never have them left in their lunch box. Its a nice addition to the variety that Quaker granola bars already offer.
Good School Lunch Option
I picked these up for my kids that go to school because for their nutrition break they have to have healthy snacks. The kids loved the peach taste and I am happy because I am not sending them with chocolate.
amazing snack
i LOVE these granola bars. usually im not a huge fan but these taste great and are just super easy little snacks

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