4.2 5 0 113 113 The delicious taste of peach crumble in a convenient bar you can enjoy anywhere your day takes you
Quaker Chewy Peach Fruit Crumble
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Excited about a new flavor finally that is peanut free. Tastes great dipped in yogurt as well. New fave in my house.
Vraiment délicieux !! Pas trop sucré et super tendre.
These were ok, a little too sweet for me. My first impression was the intense peach flavour though. I think kids would love them!
Although snack bars can often times be too sweet, this finds a good medium between the fruit and the granola. With only 100 calories it's a good snack while being on the go and has a fair amount of oats and not too much sugar which make this a good choice for snacks during the day.
These are so good. It is the true peach flavor that surprised me. Very addictive. I have one in my purse for a quick pick me up sensible snack. Also when a sweet craving ramps up this hit the spot for me
I did not find this flavour good at all. We love the Apple Crumble so I was excited to try this newer Peach bar but now the box just sits on the shelf as no one enjoys them :( Definitely would not buy again.
Great peach flavor, Not overly large but great size for kids.
I enjoyed this product, tastes good and I would definitely buy again.
Perfect car snack, or quick grab on the way out the door snack. A family favourite from my daughter to my husband.
My 7yr Old absolutely loved his “peach treat” at school. Being nut-free is a requirement at school, but good tasting and with a health factor is at home! The Peach Fruit Crumble bars meets our needs. We have purchased more since!
Quaker chewy peach fruit crumble I don't like this bar because I don't like cook fruits, I don't like the flavor of this
A tasty addition to the Quaker Chewy granola bar products. It is very similar to the apple crumble and raspberry crumble bars and my family enjoy it.
The peach was a nice change for summer flavours. I like the vsriety of pesnut free for lunch packing.
i didnt love it but my kids did . i buy alot for the kids . great in the go
i bought this at the grocery store a week later after it had been realised to shelves, now I personally dont like this granola bar, I do love granola bars but this one wasn't really my cup of tea .The peach flavor wasn't really going well with me

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